The Warmth of the Sun


I decided to try a shock spell first on Mister Ugly......


.....followed immediately with God's Fire, one of my favorites.


Yes, that got his attention.

The creature let out a howl that would curl your hair. I guess I was lucky that most of mine was gone already.

The creature left it's post and charged the three of us, the cave walls resounding with the sound of it's heavy feet, which crashed like thunder within the caverns.


Laurenna, the clanfear, and I were ready for the creature's attack. The clanfear struck with it's sharp claws and beak. Laurenna attacked with her silver longsword, and what she missed, I managed to hit with my own summed broadsword.


The creature didn't seem to know who to attach first. Each time one of us backed away, the other one would push forward to attack, then back away again. I could tell the clanfear was having fun. It was fast enough to dodge the creatures huge claws.

The creature managed to get in a lucky shot and knocked Laurenna to the ground.

"Stay down." I shouted. She knew what I had in mind.


The creature, hearing me shout, turned directly towards me, raising itself to full height, nearly to the top of the tunnel itself.


Laurenna stayed down and away from what was about to happen. I used the Ring of Leaches, absorbing the creatures own health into my own, healing myself with its own life force. Every time it injured me, the ring took enough life from the monster to heal myself.

It was strong, too, since I had to use three of those rings to finish the job.


Suddenly, the creature made a very dramatic exit from this world, falling in a heap on the tunnel floor.

Remembering the story, I plucked the creatures eye from it's head.


Laurenna picked herself up, and performed a healing spell several times before she was ok.

"What do we do next?" she asked.

"Go to the light." I answered.


We made our way to the end of the tunnel, finally able to see light.

There, just like in the story of Aevar, we found that the light had been trapped within the ice.


It was just sitting within it's prison, the light, waiting to be set free by some unlikely hero.

I took the bright eye I had taken from the monster I had just slain, and threw it at the icewall.

It hit the wall, then melted into the ice itself, cracking it. The crack grew larger, spreading in all directions.


Suddenly, with a loud crash, the entire wall came falling down, crumbling in pieces all around the cavern.

Free from it's prison, the ball of light that had been trapped there suddenly few forth, shooting past us at unbelievable speed.


We decided to head out of the cave and back to the Sun Stone.

As we traveled to the exit, we noticed that all the torches in the cavern walls were now lit, and we could easily see our way through the tunnels.


We left the cave of Penumbra behind us and headed back to the Sun Stone. It was growing late, the sun setting behind us, and I wanted to get this part of the mission finished before darkness fell.


It was growing late, and the stars were starting to come out as we finally made our way up the hill to the Sun Stone. In the distance, we could hear the howling of wolf packs.


Touching the Sun Stone once again, new words appeared upon it's surface:

"The Gift of the Sun is the Skaal's once again. It will warm them and give them light."

With that, the words faded, replaced with a warm glow of light from the stone itself.

I decided that we would camp here for the night. We were both pretty tired after such a busy day. The next stone would be way on the west side of Solstheim, so we decided that now would be a good time to grab 40 winks.





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