The Song of the Earth


The next morning, we had some of the kwama eggs I had brought with us, packed up the tent, and started west across the island of Solstheim. According to the map, it would be just a little north of the Sun Stone, and very close to the west coast of the island. I figured we'd cut straight across the island and follow the west coastline north. If these stones were all as tall as the last one, we should be able to see it pretty easily.


It wasn't long before we spied a Spriggen in the distance, looking for trouble. I decided to help the Spriggen, and summoned trouble in the form of a winged twilight.


Once summoned, the twilight just stood there, waiting for a command. I provided that in the form of a blast of poison at the Spriggen. The twilight took off as the Spriggen headed in my direction.

The two of them fought, and eventually the twilight won, then vanished back into Oblivion as the summoning spell wore off. Of course, a moment later, the Spriggen revived itself, and continued it's charge towards us. Laurenna cut it down with her broadsword a second time. Using my summoned Storm Antroch and a few silver arrows, I cut the darned thing down a third and final time.


"Those darn things are annoying." noted Laurenna. "Isn't there some quest you can do that'll get rid of them all for good?"

"I love that." I replied. The Storm Antroch just grumbled, following us for a few yards before his spell also wore off, returning him back into Oblivion as well.


Not long after, yet another Spriggen, hags, wolves and bears.

Once again, summoned creatures were brought forth to assist in battle.

Once again, we managed to win the day.


Eventually, based on the landmarks I could find, I figured we were now west of Fort Frostmoth.

No snow here, but the air was fresh and pure, with the smell of pine in the air. I could see why Nords liked this kind of environment. Just breathing the air here filled one with life.


We continued to meet Spriggens at nearly every turn, scattered everywhere, in every forest, behind every rock, it seemed.


As each one fell, it repeated a pattern we would see over and over.

As it fell dead, it's life would immediately return.


Each one of these creatures had this ability, haunting us by refusing to die peacefully.


The third time was always the hardest, as they would come back to life fully capable of resisting any spell thrown at them. I think, more than anything else, Spriggens managed to slow our journey down more than any other creature in Solstheim.


We finally approached a clearing. There were a few torches set up near the shore, obviously for boats to see where to dock.

There was an Imperial in the clearing, doing some kind of survey work.


He said his name as Falco Galenus, and was doing some survey work for the East Empire company. Seems they wanted to set up a mining operation here at this place. They called it Raven Rock, although I didn't see any rocks with ravens on them, or even a rock that looked like a raven. Anyway, he said there was lot of ebony to be mined here, and the Empire wanted it badly enough to set up shop here. He also advised us to keep an eye out for bears and wolves. He also said to make sure we had some 'cure disease' potions, as lot of the animals around here carry Ataxia or Yellow Tick. It was good advice to be sure.    


We thanked Falco for his advice. We weren't interested in Ebony, as it was much too heavy, and we had a mission to accomplish, i.e., finding the missing Captain of Fort Frostmoth.

He told us were we were on the map I had brought with us, confirming we were nearly at the west coast of Solstheim. Once at the coast, we could head north to the Earth Stone.


As expected, we hit the coastline shortly after Raven Rock, and headed north. It wasn't long before we saw the now familiar tall Standing Stone.









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