Based on the information we had obtained from the Dwemer airship captain's log, the amulet that we had originally come here looking for should have been somewhere north of the Water Stone. Heading as directly north as we could, we eventually found ourselves in yet more frozen wasteland, surrounded by odd formations of boulders. We wandered around looking for clues to the location of the barrow that held the amulet, but the only thing we found were wolves, bears, and the occasional Rickling.


I could see that Laurenna wasn't affected by the cold, but I was starting to get tired of the constant blizzard that held this area in an icy grip.

"I have an idea." I said. "The original idea for the airship was needed because the formation of rocks pointing to this burial place only looks familiar from the air. I'll go up and see what I can find."

"Sounds good to me." she replied.


I used a spell that changed me into a cliffracer, and flew up on the powerful air currents. It was hard not to fly backwards due to the extremely powerful headwinds. Somehow, I managed to push forward and survey the ground below me. I could not go up very high, as the snow being blown by the winds made it almost impossible to see.

I flew north of where Laurenna was, then east, trying to keep her in sight. With this poor visibility, I didn't want to find the place, only to have to spend hours trying to find where I had left Laurenna.

I flew a little more to the south, and suddenly noticed an odd shape in the stones below. I got a little closer to the ground, and was greeted with a most rewarding view:


The stones formed the shape of a wolf.

The stone that formed the wolf's eye was the entrance that we had been looking for.


I made my way back to Laurenna and changed back into my very handsome self.

"You're not going to believe this," I said, "but we're right on the hindquarters of the wolf stone formation!"

"Wow!" she replied. "I was about to turn back and head home. Good thing you checked."

"Sure is." I said. "Let's get this amulet thing."


Even though we knew were the place was now, it was still easy to get lost in the blizzard. The wind was blowing so hard it was as if Solstheim itself wanted us to turn back.

We finally found the entrance to the barrow. As we approached the flap covering the doorway a loud voice called out.

"Some they call me Hrothmud's Bane,
with midnight teeth and moonlight mane.
I am the wolf one soul may tame,
by uttering my given name.
But speak the truth, for those who lie,
gain not the wealth beyond my eye!
Answer false and evermore,
closed shut will be my icy door.
What is my name?"

Laurenna looked at me, realizing that Louis had told us the answer to this riddle, but she obviously couldn't remember what the name was that we were supposed to say. I looked back at her, and smiled.

"ONDJAGE!" I shouted.

After a few seconds, the loud voice spoke once again.

"You spoke the truth and won the game,
for Ondjage is my given name. You have
gained entrance to Hrothmund's Barrow."


With that, the flap over the barrow entrance now flew easily in the wind, no longer held in place by a magical force.

Making our way inside, we noticed how quickly it became dark, as light from the icy entrance simply refused to enter the barrow itself.

"I have a question." said Laurenna. "Just exactly how did you know the right name?"

"Easy. I wrote it down." I replied, giving her a sly wink.

"Smartypants." she said, pouting.

"Well, they don't call me 'Eldorf the Wise' for nothing." I joked.

"Ha ha. Good thing we didn't start calling you 'Eldorf the Modest'." she joked back.


Suddenly, we heard something shuffling heavy feet in our direction. It was a draugr, one of those nasty dead things that 'lives' in the barrows.

I shot off a spell of God's Fire at it, and Laurenna attacked it with her broadsword. Moments later, between my spell and her sword, the creature lay really dead on the floor.


As we entered the central part of the barrow, we noticed a huge pedestal in the middle of the floor.

Buried in it was a huge battleaxe. Not big, mind you, but HUGE.

Laurenna tried to pull it out of it's resting place, but it would not budge. I gave it a try, even adding the effect of the Belt of Berserker's Rage. Even with the added strength of that belt, the thing just would not budge. It was as if Hrothmund himself slammed it into that spot before he died, determined to 'take it with him' when he passed away. Based on our lack of success, it looked like he was definitely taking it with him, because neither of us was taking it anywhere.


There was only one corpse in this barrow, covered in some kind of material that preserved it. Since there was only one corpse, we both guessed it had to be Hrothmund himself.


We searched around for this amulet in boxes within the barrow, but didn't find anything.

We were about to give up when I noticed a small glowing object on the other side of the axe.

It was the Amulet of Infectious Charm. We had finally found it!


We made our way out of the barrow and back into the endless blizzard.

Now, it was just a matter of heading east (if our map was correct), find the Wind Stone, finish it's quest, and everything would be find and dandy with the Skaal.

We'd find our where the Captain of the fort was, rescue him, and head back home.

Well, that was the plan, anyway.













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