The Wind Stone


From the barrow, we headed east, fighting the swirling winds all the way. Eventually, as luck would have it, we spotted a tall standing stone near a river.


Checking the front of the stone, we confirmed it was the Wind Stone. Glad that we didn't have to spend hours looking for it, I crept up close to it and, as with the five stones before it, words eventually formed in it's surface.



"Travel south and east of the lake of ice to Glenschul's Tomb and free the Winds from the Greedy Man's bag."


We knew that the lake of ice was near Thirsk (at least, it was the only lake of ice we knew of), so we decided to head towards the lake.

As we traveled across southeast, we came across a lonely house. It seemed to appear from out of nowhere in the blizzard.

Since we wondered what they were doing out there all alone, we decided to check it out. As we approached the home, the blizzard finally started to die down.


There were two children playing in the snow, but they stopped their laughter and ran to the door of their house as we approached.

"Greetings." I said. "We are looking......"

The man cut me off. "Be gone with you. We don't want you here! Leave us now!!"

His attitude was definitely less than friendly.

"Listen here," said Laurenna, "That's no way to....."

"We have no need of intruders here." he interrupted. "Leave us now."    


Not wanted to start a fight that might leave two children as orphans, we decided not to press the issue. Why they were so unfriendly was something I'd have to find out later, as we had a much more important mission to accomplish.

We were just glad that the blizzard had stopped at last.


We continued our trip to the frozen lake, enjoying the clear crisp smell of pine in the air.

The peaceful scene was only interrupted four or five times by the occasional bear or wolf.


We crossed Lake Fjalding, then continued southeast for a bit. We found a barrow, but it was the wrong one. Figuring we had probably gone a bit too far south, we started heading north, hoping we'd find the right barrow.

We found another one, but it, too, was not the one we were looking for.

Then, just after an attack by a Rickling, Laurenna looked up to see yet another barrow just ahead of us.


Laurenna checked the markings, and this was, indeed,Glenschul's Tomb.

"What did the story say about this place?" asked Laurenna.

"Lots of things are supposed to be in here." I cautioned. "I'll probably be tossing around a lot of fire spells, as well as those leach rings. It's probably best that you wait here."

Laurenna agreed, not too keen on jumping into graves.


I made sure I had all those Leach rings and amulets ready, got the spell of God's Fire firmly in my mind, then activated the Amulet of Shadows.

Nearly invisible, I slowly opened the door to Glenschul's Tomb and headed inside.


Oh, yes, it was a good thing I used the Amulet before entering. A Draugr and a bonewolf came from out of nowhere to find out who, or what, had just nudged the door open.


The Draugr just stood there, trying to see in the dark with it's beady red eyes. It knew something was there, but it couldn't see me because of the amulet's spell.

Still, it stood there, in my way, waiting, looking.

Those things that go 'bump' in the night.......


......and their pets.

I could here a number of these creatures shuffling about, looking for trouble. I would have preferred to just sneak past them, letting the Chameleon spell help me finish this task without so much as invoking another spell.











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