The Wind Stone


Skippy and his wolf seemed determined to block my way into the barrow. They both seemed to sense my presence, but were either uncertain about my exact location, or just needed to see what they were going to attack.

I figured I could wait a few extra moments for them to give up.

That's when the spell from the Amulet of Shadows wore off.


Suddenly, I found myself with a handful of Draugr and bonewolf, and not much wiggle room to use.

God's Fire was the first spell out of my hands, followed by the first Ring of Leaches I could find.


Of course, all the noise and screeching from Skippy and his pal brought the rest of the family in to see what was going on.

When it was all over, I had exhausted every single Amulet and Ring of Leaches in my pocket. I was also knee-deep in dead in dead Draugrs and bonewolves.

I decided that next time I use the Amulet of Shadows, I'd better keep an eye on the time. Sixty seconds may seem like a long time, but not in a room full of monsters.


Certain that every Draugr and bonewolf in the barrow had been dealt with, I continued to explore the room.

Suddenly, in front of a corpse, I found what I had been looking for:




It was the Greedy Man's lootbag!


Thinking this was almost too easy, I approached the bag, grabbing the rope at the top holding the bag closed.

With a quick tug, I pulled the knot off. The bag's top opened up, giving out a loud noise. The rush of wind swirled around me, then rushed out towards the door, blowing out every torch in the barrow in it's wake.

The wind had been released from the Greedy Man's bag once again.


I met Laurenna at the door.

"There was a loud rush of wind that just blew past me." she said. "I assume you were successful in releasing the wind."

"You would assume correctly." I said. "We should report back to the Wind Stone so we can complete this quest."


As it happened, the barrow we had been in was just east of the Thirsk meadhouse. We stopped at the smith's hut and had some of our equipment repaired. He mentioned that he could also make us some pretty nice armor out of snow bear and snow wolf pelts (for a price, of course). I told him we'd think about it and let him know, then paid him for the repairs done to Laurenna's shield and armor.


We crossed the frozen lake once again, passed a horker that was totally oblivious to our presence. Seemed it had more important things to do, like hunt for fish.


We managed to eventually spot the home of the unfriendly people we had met earlier, so we knew the Water Stone was not far off.

Once again, I touched the stone, and once again, it formed words in it's surface:



"The gift of the Wind has once again been returned to the Skaal."


"That's all six stones, right?" asked Laurenna.

"Correct." I replied. "It is time to return to the Skaal village. Perhaps, now that we've done all these nice things for us, they'll assist us in our search for the Captain of the fort."

"Do you think they're hiding something?" she asked.

"I'm not sure." I said. "Sometimes people don't always tell you everything right away. Perhaps, now that we have done these six quests for them, they'll be more helpful."

"Well, let's get started." she replied. "I need to get out of this armor for a bit."

I couldn't say I blamed her.













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