Some people steal for profit. Some steal simply because it's there. Some steal just for the sake of mischief. You never know. When it happens, the guilty must be caught and punished. That's where I come in.

My name's Dragonmeal. I carry a badge.

It was getting late as my wife and I returned to the Skaal village. We weren't expecting trouble, just a warm welcome from the villagers.


Laurenna and I set up the tent and got out of all that heavy armor. Laurenna decided to go cook up some kwama eggs we had brought. I told Laurenna I'd better check in with the chief and let him know the Standing Stones were all happy and right with the world.


Tharsten Heart-Fang was happy to hear that the Ritual of the Gifts had been completed, and rewarded me with the Mace of Aevar Stonesinger, but there was a greater concern on his mind. He wanted me to prove my wisdom. He wanted me to investigate a crime.    


"I have a theft that I need you to investigate." he said.

"What's the story?" I replied.

"Engar Ice-Mane has been accused of theft." Tharsten replied. "His accuser, Rigmor Halfhand, claims that Ice-Mane stole furs from his house."

"Have they been found?" I asked.

"Yes, indeed. he replied. "They were found in Ice-Mane's residence."

"Sounds like a pretty open-and-shut case to me." I replied. "How can I be of assistance?"

"The Skaal do not take such things lightly." he said. "We have little, and each is given according to his need. This offense is punishable by exile or sacrifice to the wolves. Ice-main will surely choose the wolves."

"I see." I said. "What do you need for me to do?"

"I want you to speak with the Skaal." he replied. "Find out what you can. Then report your findings to me, so the guilty may be punished appropriately."

"Those wolves sound serious." I said. "What can you tell me about the players here?"

"Engar Ice-Mane is a fine warrior," said Tharsten, "and has held a place of honor among the Skaal for many years. Now, Rigmor Halfhand, well, he's not much of a warrior, but he is a smart man, and a valuable member of the Skaal community."

"Ok, chief." I replied. "I'll see what I can find out for you."


I left the greathouse and headed over to where Laurenna and I had set up our tent. It was pretty obvious that Tharsten thought there might be more to this theft than meets the eye.  He obviously knew his people well.

I told Laurenna that I'd be taking the things we had captured on our six-stone travels and selling them. There was entirely too much clutter in the tent to carry around. We were also completely out of silver arrows, so those needed to be restocked as well.


I loaded up everything to sell, and used the Recall spell to return to Creeper in Caldera and sold everything I could get rid of. I then used the Castle recall scroll to return back to Solstheim Castle. There, I grabbed a few more potions, and just about every arrow I could carry, both enchanted, as well as silver, ebony, and glass. Based on the previous few days of experience, I could see that we'd need them.

Using yet another spell, I changed into a cliffracer, and nearly freezing my wings off, headed southeast, back to the Skaal village.


The sun was setting just as I changed back into my very handsome self.

I could see Laurenna in the distance, waiting for me, very glad that I wasn't late for dinner.


We had a great dinner. Kwama eggs, ashyams, as well as some houndmeat that she had procured from one of the villagers.

I showed her all the new arrows I had brought, more than enough for both of us this time. I also hammered away at her armor, taking out a few nicks here and there.

"What's up next?" she asked.

"Crime." I replied. "There's a thief in the village, but Tharsten Heart-Fang thinks that there may be more to this particular crime than meets the eye."

"And he wants you to investigate?" she asked.

"He wants the benefit of my wisdom." I replied. "Seems that something is not right with this case. I should be back shortly."

"Ok." she said. "But if I hear spells going off, I'll come running."


I decided to follow the chief's advice and check with the regular villagers. I started off with one guard who stated that he had a hard time believing that Ice-Mane could do such a thing.

"Do you know where he was at the time of the crime?" I asked.

"No, sorry, can't say that I do." came the reply. "But he has always proven to be brave and true in the past."

"Just the facts, please." I said. "He's a good hunter?"

"Aye, one of the best in the village." replied the guard. "He's never come home empty handed."

"I see." I said. "Thank you. I'll be in touch."

"You know where to find me." replied the guard.


I encountered yet another of the Skaal, and his response was similar.

"Ice-Mane? He is a valiant warrior, and no thief. Any of the Skaal can tell you that. Anyone who would say different is a liar."

"Any possibility of a change in his behavior lately?" I asked.

"Not on your life." he replied. "He has always proven to be brave and true, and it is impossible to imagine that he would be capable of this crime."


The warrior took me over to where Ice-Mane was standing. In my investigation so far, if this was a popularity contest, he'd win hand-down. Unfortunately, this wasn't such a contest.

"You, who are to be my judge, what would you ask of me?" he asked.

"Tharsten Heart-Fang has asked me to investigate this crime. He seems to feel there's more to this case than meets the eye. I'm here to get the facts." I said.


"I know what I am accused of," he growled back, "and I know that it is a lie! I have no need for the furs of Rigmor Halfhand." He puffed his chest out, looking at the star-studded sky. "I am a Skaal warrior. My honor, and the honor of the Skaal are my life. But I will bear this injustice as any warrior should - with dignity."

"Sure, I understand." I replied. "Perhaps you could tell me something about Rigmor. What is your relationship to him here in the village?"

He spat on the ground. "I had no quarrel with Halfhand until this day." he replied. "I thought him a friend to my family, to my wife, Risi Ice-Mane, especially. While I was on the hunt, he was know to keep counsel with her, and others who remained in the village. And now this from him!"

"And your wife, Risi." I asked. "Have you two been married long?"

"Aye, she is my wife, a wise and beautiful woman." he replied. "Her life is not an easy one, as I am often gone for weeks on a hunt, but she is strong, and our children will be fine warriors."

Well, there wasn't much more to add to that, so I decided I should have a chat with Risi next.













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