We headed out of the Greathall and found the Korst Wind-Eye, looking over two of the dead werewolves that I had slain earlier. He had just returned from the frozen lake.


"I've only just arrived, and to this horror." he said as we approached. "It is good you were here to protect these people."

"Yes." I replied. "There are a number of wounded, but if you need them, I have several healing potions you can use."

"I appreciate that." he replied. "You have done well by the Skaal. My worst fears have been realized, Eldorf. These creatures are werewolves, as you surely know. This is not a good omen for our village."

He made a gesture with his hands, sparks flying from his fingers for a moment, then vanishing from sight. "I have more troubling news." he continued. "I have used my magic to detect any of the infection these beasts leave in their wake. You, my friend, have been infected."

"Eldorf." said Laurenna, "The wound on your leg!"

That had to be it, though I certainly didn't feel 'odd'. "Oh, the wound on my leg." I said. "Yes, a simple healing spell should take care of it, right?"

Korst shook his head. "The infection seems innocent enough. Some weakness, perhaps. Sometimes the effects are hardly noticeable. However, in three days' time, the victim will become a werewolf himself. It is a fate I would not wish upon my greatest foe. During these three days, though,a simple Cure Disease spell or potion can stop the infection. I beg you to do this. Until then, I fear I cannot allow you to be a part of our community, perhaps infecting others. When you have been cured, I hope you will return to us again."

"I have a few of those potions in our tent." I said. "I'll take care of the infection. What about the lake?"

"The flame still burns, though Aesliip is dead." Korst replied. "I am not surprised. There is more at work here than just the magic of one mage. There are greater things on the winds."

Laurenna and I headed to our tent, retrieved one of the cure disease potions I had stored there, and used it. Within seconds, the burning sensation in my leg stopped. A healing spell repaired the wound itself. We then returned to Korst with the good news.


"Ahhh, I no longer sense the infection in you." he said as we approached. "I am happy for you, and for the Skaal as well. You have proven to be a valuable member of this community. You have been true to our people, and the Skaal name you Bloodskaal, a blood friend to our people. You will be given a home here, Rigmor Halfhand's former residence, in which you may rest. Also, it is been decided that you will take part in the Ristaag, an important Skaal ceremony."

"What exactly is that?" I asked.

"It is a ceremony of blessing and cleansing that we Skaal perform only very rarely." he replied. "These are frightening times, my friend. There have been ominous portents, and they concern me. Heart-Fang is missing, and I fear that the All-Maker does not breath freely on the Skaal this day. The ceremony must be completed, but first I need you to retrieve the Totem of Claw and Fang."

"What is this item?" I asked. "Where would I find it?"

"It is a powerful artifact, very sacred to the Skaal people." Korst explained. "It is used to call to us powerful beasts that are used in the Ristaag. It was stolen many years ago, and we of the Skaal were foolish enough to believe it would not again be needed. I have learned that it may be found in the Tombs of Skaalara, to the east and a bit south of here. Please, go there, and return the Totem to us."

"Korst, I have a question." said Laurenna. "You spoke of some Bloodmoon Prophecy at the lake. Is this attack related to the Bloodmoon?"

"I have no desire to speak loudly of this ancient legend." replied Korst. "Who knows what the ancestors learned about the coming of the Bloodmoon. For now, let us watch and wait, and let the All-Maker protect us."


It was apparent that Korst Wind-Eye wasn't going to tell us any further details about this Bloodmoon Prophecy yet, so we got out things together and headed out to find this tomb where we'd find this Claw and Fang Totem.


We were attacked a number of times by both Ricklings and boars. That mace that Heart-Fang had given to me certainly came in handy.


We found a number of caves, but none of them were actually a tomb. Rather than wasting time exploring them, we decided to press on with our search. We hit the eastern shore a number of times, heading back towards the Skaal village's location and starting again.


After two hours of searching, we finally bumped into the Tombs of Skaalara. Tombs are always much larger and more ornate than a simple ice-cave. Laurenna was more familiar with the structure, being a Nord herself.


I instructed Laurenna to use a Chameleon spell to hide herself, then used my own Amulet of Shadows to do the same.

No sense in taking chances. These tombs always have dead things, or worse, living in them.


Imagine my surprise, upon entering the tomb, that something managed to dispel the amulet's effect!

I found myself quickly faced with two werewolves, and they didn't look friendly.


Laurenna's spell managed to keep, and wasn't in immediate danger, but I was forced to fend off two of these creatures.

That mace came in handy, as did Laurenna's broadsword.


I reactivated the Amulet of Shadows, and the two of us headed down one of the many tunnels that branched off from the entrance.















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