We found a number of werewolves throughout the tunnels of this tomb.

It seems as if they were dead set against us getting to this totem that the Skaal needed for this ritual.

One good thing I found was that the spell of God's Fire worked pretty well on them. They did seem to resist Medusa's Gaze, however, so hitting them at a good distance seemed to be the best offence against these creatures.


Six more werewolves, and two dead-ends later, I was getting a little upset with Korst. At least he could have told us which tunnel to take. That mace was getting a little out of shape, and I'd have to have it repaired once we returned to the village. Laurenna was enjoying the fact that she had over 250 silver arrows to work with. The Royal Palace armor was holding up nicely as well.


Finally, we arrived at the end of one of the last tunnels on our list of tunnels we hadn't been down yet. The remains of some long-dead Skaal lay there, again in this odd material.


There was another light just a short distance away, so we decided to carefully check it out.


Yet another werewolf, and this one was guarding a box in a small chamber near the body we had found.

The box was locked, so it took a spell of Ondusi's Door Open to break the lock on it.


Inside, I found what we were looking for: the Totem of Claw and Fang.

It was nice to know it was hiding in the last tunnel we decided to explore.


It only took us about 20 minutes to return to the Skaal village with our prize.

I wondered if it would ever stop snowing.


Korst Wind-Eye saw us coming from a mile away, arms outstretched to greet us. "You have found the Totem!" he exclaimed. "This is good news. I hope that your efforts have not left you too drained, as there is still much to be done. For your efforts, I will share with you some knowledge. The Skaal have the ability to summon wolves to fight by our sides." He whispered the spell in my ear. "You, too, now possess this ability. The Ristaag must now be performed."


"You have been of great service to the Skaal," he continued, "and it seems right that you take part in the ceremony. Meet at nightfall with Rolf Long-Tooth, one of our Skaal hunters. You will find him by the western shores of Lake Fjalding. He will tell you more about the Ristaag and the part you will play in it."


Laurenna and I headed to our tent. "Don't you want to head over to the lake now?" asked Laurenna. "Not yet." I replied, "It's much too early. I think we should take a nap and wait for nightfall."

"Agreed." she said. "I have a war story to tell you." she added with a wink.

















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