I plunged into the icy waters of the well, grateful that I had brought the Belt of Fishgills with me. I swam straight down, then followed a tunnel that seemed to go on forever.


Finally, a light appeared up ahead, and I found myself in a large cavern.

I also found myself watching two skeleton warriors bearing down on my position!


I was so glad I had also remembered to bring the Ring of Weapons with me. I would have used a spell, but there wasn't time to set one up.

After a few serious blows, one of the skeleton warriors fell to it's second death. The other warrior started to turn and flee, but I made sure it didn't get very far!


I decided to keep the Ring of Weapons on while I continued my search. The caverns seemed to go on without end, and the air had a frosty chill to it.

Suddenly, I thought I spotted another skeleton up ahead, but it wasn't moving. I decided to check it out.


Another adventurer, I presume, and not as lucky as he had hoped. Definately not the one I was looking for.

I decided to continue looking for Tymvaul, though it didn't look as though his chances of survival were very good.


A few yards down the tunnel, another skeleton warrior attacked me. Again, my feather-light shield and broadsword came to my aid, dispatching the attacker in short order.

I felt there had to be something important here, as these kinds of creatures seldom guard empty tunnels.


I saw yet another skeleton warrior approaching, but this time he was far enough away where a spell of God's Fire would do the work for me.

I let him have it with a nice, hot spell, and by the time the skeleton warrior arrived at my location, he fell dead(er) at my feet.


I continued on through the tunnels until I came to another larger cavern. Suddenly, I saw a figure in a large purple robe up ahead.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I had found Tymvaul!


I would have thought he would have been happy to be rescued. How wrong I was!

"Intruder!" he shouted, as he saw me approach. "Who dares venture so deeply into the halls of Rimhull? The Mantle of Woe is mine, do you hear!!??? I have claimed the robe and its power!"

"I'm sorry." I replied. "I'm Eldorf Dragonmeal, and I've been searching for you. What is this Mantle of Woe that you speak of?"

He stood before me, proudly displaying his robe. "Behold the vestments I now wear!" he replied. "When I read the old stories I had to learn the truth. Could it be that an item of such grand magicka lie so close at hand, in the caves beneath my very village? I could contain my eagerness no longer, and jumped into the well. I braved Rimhull's dangers, and at last my efforts were rewarded. Soon the dead shall walk, and Tymvaul the Dark shall lead them!"

Oh, good! Another one wanting to rule the land, empire, and possibly the world. I decided I'd better try to defuse this wannabe war-lord before he got out of hand.


"Now, listen to me, child." I started, in my most authoritative voice, "I am Eldorf Dragonmeal. Some know me as Eldorf the Wise. I have done battle with those of even greater power than you. But listen to my words before you decide to fight."

I seemed to have his attention now.....I hoped.

"I have been sent by your father." I continued. "Take off that robe, and end this madness." I took a few steps closer, looking him in the eye. "Your father loves you, Tymvaul, and only wants you to be happy. Please, think it over, won't you?"

The look of power and desire to rule the world faded from his eyes. "Father?" he said, as if coming out of a bad dream. "My father? Could it be that he still holds me dear to his heart? I...I only wanted to study magic, free from the laws of the Skaal. Necromancy was quick, and easy. The power it offers is so overwhelming."


He took off the robe, handing it to me. "Here, take the Mantle of Woe! Destroy it! I have brought shame to my father."

"But what will you do?" I asked. "Where will you go? Don't you wish to return home with me?"

He shook his head. "I will leave Solstheim," he replied, "I will find a place to study magicka, true magicka. Tell my father his love has saved me. I will return to him some day, when I can truly make him proud."

How could I argue with that? He saw the error of his ways and chose to correct himself before becoming a danger to himself and others.

"How does one get out of here?" I asked.

"Continue the way you were going." he said. "There is a small tunnel leading to the way out just up ahead."


Tymvaul was absolutely correct. Just a few yards ahead I found myself at the bottom of the hill, not far from the Skaal village.   


I decided to head up the hill back to the village and report my good news to Tymvaul's father.


I found Lassnr in his home, brooding.

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry." he started, "I was just thinking of my boy."

"I have good news for you." I said. "Tymvaul lives! He has given up his study of the dark arts, and is leaving Solstheim to study legitimate magicka. He said he will return some day and make you proud."


Lassnr was obviously relieved to hear the good news.

"I knew he was alive! Oh, thank you sir Eldorf." he exclaimed. "Although I hate to see him leave, I know Tymvaul will return some day and bring pride and honor to our family. I don't have much to offer as a reward, but I want you to have these." He handed me five snow bear pelts, very valuable items indeed around these parts. "They are the pelts of a snow bear I killed many years ago. Brynjolfr at Thirsk can forge them into special armor for you. Thanks again, kind sir."

I took the pelts and headed back to my tent. Laurenna would be impressed, and this would give us an excuse to head to Thirsk for a little mead.







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