THE UDYRFRYKTE (part 2 of 2)


Laurenna swung hard with her battle-axe, striking several blows on the creature, causing it to roar louder and louder.


The creature tried to hit her with the severed leg, but she dodged it easily.

Seeing me a few feet away, and with no battle-axe in my hands to cause it this much pain, the Udyrfrykte decided to lumber over to my position, hoping I'd be an easier target.

Laurenna wasn't letting up on the beast, however. She managed to get in two more strikes on the beast.


"Better stand back." I shouted, "I'm going to hit this thing with one of my leach rings."

Laurenna, knowing just how deadly those rings are, ran to get behind me as the Udyrfrykte approached. The beast was oblivious to what was about to happen.


As it was nearly on top of me, I let the creature have it with a full blast of the Ring of Leaches, and then let it have another hit. The ring absorbed the creatures life force and gave it to me, meaning each time the creature damaged me, the ring would use the creatures own life energy to heal me back up.


It was a no-win situation for the now very dead Udyrfrykte, which suddenly dropped dead in front of me.

"The kill goes to you." said Laurenna, "But I was glad I was able to get a few hits in as a representative of the Nord people everywhere."

"Didn't mind the help." I said, with a smile and a wink.


We checked out the rest of the cavern, finding only the remains of the creature's last dozen or so meals. We decided to take the creature's heart as the trophy needed to prove that it was now dead.


We returned to the mead hall. Svenja was outside, and had the door blocked.

"I'm sorry, Mage, but none may enter the mead hall while..." She stopped herself in mid-sentence, looking at the object in my hand. " hold the heart of the Udyrfrykte! Can this be? You have slain the fell beast?"

I couldn't help but force a sheepish grin on my face. "Well, I did have a little help." I said, pointing to Laurenna. "After all, she did have to represent all Nords in this battle."

She bowed to Laurenna, acknowledging the assist to the kill.

"By the gods, you truly are a warrior worthy of song!" she said. "Give the heart to me, then. I will make ready the mead hall, and when the debris of battle has been cleared, the Heart of the Udyrfrykte will be placed on the pedestal of Thirsk. There is but one more task you must complete before being named chieftain."

Isn't there always one more thing?  Of course, there is.


"Certainly." I said, trying not to sound exasperated at the 'one more thing' that seems to follow every quest in my life. "What is this task that must be done first?"

"You must go to the mountains and find the barrow of Hrothmund the Red, the first chieftain of Thirsk." replied Svenja. "One may only be named chieftain of the mead hall if Hrothmund's spirit approves."

"I see." I replied. "How exactly does one obtain this approval?"

"Inside the barrow is Hrothmund's great axe." she replied. "Lay your hands on this weapon and utter your intention to rule over Thirsk. If you are found worthy, Hrothmund will grant his blessing. Go now. Seek Hrothmund's Barrow at the eye of the wolf. While you're away, I will see to the repairs of the mead hall."


"The eye of the wolf." said Laurenna. "Isn't that were we found that Amulet of Infectious Charm?"

"The very same." I replied.

"Wow, all the way back there." she said.

"Why don't you stay here and help Svenja?" I said. "I can fly there. I know where it is, and I'll be back within the hour."

"That sounds like a good plan." she replied. "I know that I can tell Svenja a few war stories that'll knock her boots off while we're working."



















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