With that, I used a spell that changed me into a cliffracer and headed all the way back to the northern parts of Solstheim, back to the very barrow that had started this whole trip in the first place.


I see why cliffracers don't fly up this far north - I nearly froze my wings off.

None-the-less, I arrived back at the location of the barrow in short order, grateful that this time, there was no blizzard to complicate matters (or visibility).


I flew around the area for a few moments, making sure there weren't any Ricklings, wolves, or bears nearby, then gently touched down right near the barrow entrance.


I changed back into my very handsome self and re-entered the barrow. I found a few draugr in the darkness, but my Ring of Weapons helped get rid of them.

Once the way was clear, I headed right back to the pedestal where I had found the Amulet of Infectious Charm.





And there, waiting patiently for me, was Hrothmund's huge battle-axe.


I grasped the mighty axe of Hrothmund, and mentioned in passing, my intention to rule over Thirsk.

Hrothmund's voice resounded in the walls of the barrow. "I grant my blessing." shouted the great and powerful voice.


It was just as cold on my poor old wings going south as it was going north. At least the flying didn't take very long.


Once back at the mead hall, I changed back into my very handsome self. Laurenna was waiting for me outside. "You should see it." she said, giving me a kiss, "We really fixed the place up nice."

We headed inside, and found that Laurenna wasn't kidding. Things were back to normal at the old mead hall.


We headed to the back of the hall, where Svenja Snow-Song was waiting for me with a big smile on her face.

"I know that Hrothmund has granted you his blessing," she said, "for I could feel it in the air. The heart of the Udyrfrykte has been placed on the pedestal for all to see. You, Eldorf Dragonmeal, are the new chieftain of Thirsk! Ruling the mead hall is great work, and I understand you may have business elsewhere. I offer to serve as your advisor and second-in-command, and will oversee the mead hall's affairs in your absence."

We decided to take care of a little business, making sure that more mead was ordered for the hall (that's the one thing this place should never run out of, I guess).

She also mentioned that I could rest up in my quarters.

"I have quarters here?" I asked. I looked over at Laurenna, now aware that she had also been in on this surprise, judging by the big grin on her face.

"Yes, your quarters are upstairs." she replied. "The chieftain's room is the one with the wolfskin rug in front of the door. There you can rest and have any privacy you need. Oh, and if you haven't seen it already, I've left a gift by your bed. It is a true chieftain's weapon, one I hope will serve you well."


I thanked Svenja for her diligent efforts. As we headed to the stairs, I noticed the pedestal had a new item on it: The Heart of the Udyrfrykte.

"Good place for it." I muttered.


We decided to check out my room. Not much in there, but it was nice and cozy. Up against the bed, there was a very nice, enchanted broadsword waiting for me. Clanbringer. The enchantments would rally an attacker, stopping them from wanting to flee my attack, as well as an enchantment that would make it harder for others to strike me. Very nice indeed.

We decided to spend the night, knowing that my armor wouldn't be ready until the next day anyway.


After a good night's sleep, we headed downstairs for a little breakfast, then headed to the smith to pick up the greaves he had been working on.

With that, it was now time to head back to the Skaal village and report our missing frost giant situation to Korst Wind-Eye.

I was hoping he'd be able to tell us what was really going on here.













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