I entered the first chamber, and waited for my eyes to adjust to the light. Even with the Belt of Night Eye, it was still pretty dark in here. In the dim light, I could see a figure a few feet ahead of me.

It was Captain Falx Carius! As I entered, he ran over to greet me.


"Eldorf Dragonmeal, it is you!" he said, trying to keep his voice low. "I am sorry you, too, have been brought to play in this nefarious game."

"Yes." I replied. "Everyone in the fort had been looking for you. We all thought you had been eaten alive, but apparently, that's not the case."

He nodded. "Since the werewolves captured me at the fort, I have been held here by this demon Hircine." he said. "Since then, others have joined me; one of the Nords, named Heart-Fang, along with a beast named Karstaag. I believe the only hope for escape is to find our way through this maze."

"That's what he told me as well." I replied. "He wants us to fight our way though this maze, which just happens to be filled with werewolves. The demon calls them his Hounds." I looked him over. It looked as though he hadn't eaten since his capture. "How are you holding up?" I asked.


"I am weak, my friend, and have been here for too long." he replied, putting on a brave face. "Perhaps together, we can find out way to safety. We must find the key to allow us through the gate in the center of this maze."

I was concerned for his safety. "I may be using spells that absorb health." I cautioned. "Just make sure you duck out of the way if I shout a warning."

He smiled. "I am glad for your companionship." He replied. "Together we will fight our way through these demon hordes and escape this evil prison. Hircine indicated there is a door in the center of this maze, but we will need a key to enter. Let us go find this key and leave this place."


I was very concerned for his condition. Had he not been a leader of men, I would have had him say in this corner and let me do the fighting. However, his pride would never allow such a thing. We decided to head off to the left, and see where this maze took us. I was ready to use a spell of Medusa's Gaze, in case I should spot any werewolves first.


Just around the corner we came upon our first werewolf. I shot off a quick spell of Medusa's Gaze, and the spell took hold. I got out the fire-enchanted blade that Korst Wind-Eye had given me at the village, and gave it a work-out on the beast.

A few seconds later, and it was dead.


Attracted by the activity and noise, another werewolf ran to attack us. I saw it coming, shooting off a spell of God's Fire, hitting it while still several yards away. As it continued it's approached, I shot off a Medusa's Gaze spell. This one ignored the paralyze spell, slashing into my with it's razor-sharp claws.

I could hear Carius draw his sword to attack.

"Stay back!" I shouted. "I'm going to hit him with another spell!"


I let loose another God's Fire spell, blasting the werewolf into Oblivion!

Captain Carius seemed impressed. "You do that very well." he complimented.

"Well, lots of practice." I replied, trying to sound humble.

We continued on through the maze, finding one werewolf after another. My several Rings of Leaches got a work-out that day.


Suddenly, around another corner, four more werewolves attacked. I summoned a few creatures to assist, but even so, it was a tough battle. With Carius so close, there was no way I could use destruction spells here, since the blast would also kill the Captain.

Each werewolf would attack, then dodge back, allowing the next one the opportunity to slash at us with their claws. Even my winged twilight had a hard time with them.


I backed two of the werewolves into a corner, hoping that one or two of my summoned creatures would take the other beasts attacking Carius.

I drank two of my home-made health potions, the effect of which restored me as quickly as the creatures could injure.

Finally, my two werewolves fell dead, and I turned to help Carius, ready to toss him one of my health potions.


It was too late. He had slain the two werewolves attacking him, but his wounds were just too great. Captain Carius lay dead on the floor in a pool of blood.

I took his sword, determined to return it to Fort Frostmoth. Should I make it out of here alive, his men should hear of his bravery - I would see to that.


I continued though the maze alone, using God's Fire as soon as I saw a werewolf ahead of me. As they ran towards me, I used my own fire blade to cut them down.


I found a small box up ahead of me, but before I could reach it, two more werewolves attacked. I used the Ring of Leaches, restoring myself with their health as they attacked.


I hit them over and over with the Leach rings, exhausting two of them before these two werewolves fell dead on the ground before me.

Now, I checked the little box off to the side. Inside was what looked like a glowing key. Now, all I had to do was find my way to the center of this maze, and the way out of this place.


Down one of the halls of this maze, I thought I saw another werewolf. I was wrong - it was just a statue of one.

Still, there was something odd about this statue. I turned and looked ahead, and saw a glowing door. That had to be the exit to this place.

Just then, I heard a spell taking effect on the werewolf statue behind me!


The statue had come to life!

I had exhausted every single leach ring and amulet. Thinking fast, I put on the Ring of Weapons, and took two healing potions.

This beast was no push-over. It took a number of hits from my bound longsword, and managed to completely destroy the bound shield before it finally died.

These creatures were, indeed, powerful.


I had made it to the exit of this place alive. I decided to rest for a few hours, now that all the werewolves were dead. I needed to let my leach rings and amulets recharge.

I would find out what was on the other side of this strange portal in good time.





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