I woke from my rest a full 24 hours later, my rings and amulets fully recharged and ready for battle once more. With the key in my hand, I stepped into the barrier and found myself transported to yet another maze. Suddenly, I heard the sound of heavy armor to my left. I turned, thinking it might be trouble, but it was actually Tharsten Heart-Fang approaching me.

"It's you, Eldorf the Wise!" he said, obviously glad to see me. "How did you get into this place?"

I told him of my journey through the last maze, and of the unfortunate death of Captain Carius.


"He died bravely, and in battle then." replied Tharsten. "That is the glorious kind of death every warrior prays for."

Tharsten looked on ahead into the maze, then turned back to me. "We've little time, I fear." he said. "The frost giant Karstaag has gone ahead. Even now, I fear he may win this battle before me. Perhaps together we can fight through this place and find our way to the end. With you by my side, the Hunter will have met his match. Heart-Fang will bring glory to his people! What say you, Eldorf Dragonmeal?"


I agreed to his proposal. I could certainly use the help here.

"Then let us go." he replied. "I will reach the end of this Hunter's game!"

I put on my Ring of Weapons, and he pulled out a huge battle-axe. Obviously, these werewolves were in for some serious trouble.


We moved cautiously into the first part of the maze. The object was to try and attract only one werewolf at a time. I figured I'd hit it with a spell of Medusa's Gaze and let Tharsten finish it off.

It seemed like a good plan, anyway.


Well, it seemed like a good plan, at the time. Around the first corner, I could hear one breathing. I used the Amulet of Shadows. The werewolf never saw me, but it resisted the paralyzing spell, rushing to attack the spot where the spell came from. Tharsten managed to kill it with his enchanted battle-axe. Two more bottles of health potion were used. I was glad I had a bunch of them with me.


I could see now that Medusa's Gaze was going to be a hit-or-miss situation as far as effectiveness was concerned.

We decided to just let one at a time see us, rush away from it's buddies, and the two of us would end it's furry existence with enchanted blades.


Five more werewolves attacked from around another corner. There was just no way to isolate them. Tharsten managed to hold them off, but I wasn't doing so well. I quickly downed three more health potions. Their combined effect healed my wounds as quickly as the werewolves ripped into my flesh. In the end, it was all that kept me alive.


Two more of these creatures attacked. I tried using the Amulet of Shadows, but these things could sense where I was, even though I was nearly invisible.

Two more health potions used. Tharsten seemed to be doing pretty well for himself, refusing an offer of one of my potions for himself. Of course, he was wearing a full set of armor.


Around yet another corner, the first corner we went around that didn't have a werewolf lurking behind it, we came across a strongbox. This had to contain the key that we'd need to get to the next section of the maze.

Making sure there were no booby-taps attached to the lid, I opened the box.

It was empty! There was no key in it at all!


Suddenly, from behind, I could hear Tharsten chuckle. "This is as far as we go, Eldorf Dragonmeal." he said.

"What is going on here?" I demanded.

"I have the key to reach the next stage of the Hunter's challenge, and only I shall continue."

He showed me the key, then glared at me as he put it away.

"This makes no sense." I shouted. "Together, we can defeat him!"

He shook his head. "This hunt is for Heart-Fang, and Heart-Fang alone." he said. "Many generations have I loved now, Hircine's Ring on my finger." He showed me an odd-looking ring. I hadn't noticed it on him before, but there it was. "This Hunt is my birthright!" he continued. "Heart-Fang alone shall face the Hunter. Heart-Fang alone shall earn the glory of the Hunt! See now the power I was born to wield! You now face Heart-Fang in his true form, the form he was born to wear!"


Tharsten touched the ring on his finger and he vanished into a blast of bright red light, only to have his form replaced with that of a werewolf!

I was betrayed!


Using the Ring of Weapons, I summoned a shield, breastplate and longsword.

Tharsten slashed a number of times, each blow being deflected by the summoned shield. I hit him back with the broadsword. The blows injured him but didn't seem to slow him down.

Eventually, even my shield was rendered useless, being damaged by nothing more than this creature's sharp claws.


He kept slashing at me with his claws, and all I could do was use four more health potions to keep myself alive. That was the only advantage I had, since, as a werewolf, he had no weapon or health potions of his own that he could use.

Eventually, my broadsword got the better of him, and he fell down dead.

As Tharsten's werewolf form hit the floor, I felt something drop into my pocket. It was Hircine's ring! Obviously, the thing had been 'gifted' to me for slaying this deadly creature. I would check it's properties later. I found the key he had taken from the box and secured it.


More werewolves came to the attack. It seemed as though there was an endless supply of them.

I summoned a few creatures to help. The beasts were able to defeat them easily, however, and aside from a lone winged twilight, it was just me against them!

Four more health potions used in the process. I was glad I had a number of these things with me.


I found the exit to the next section of this maze, but before I could get near it, I had to pass by another of those werewolf statues. I had seen a number of them so far, and some had come alive. I had hoped this one wouldn't, but I was mistaken. As I approached the statue, it began to glow with bright red light, and changed from a statue to a live werewolf.


Using the enchanted sword that Korst Wind-Eye had given me, I put a bunch of fire damage on the creature, helping it to die quicker.

I was determined to get out of here alive, and no werewolf was going to stand in my way.


The final werewolf defeated, I was now free to use the key and move to the next chamber.

Once again using the Ring of Weapons, I made myself ready for battle.

I was quite cross right now, and really wanted a piece of Hircine.

Of course, all that stood between myself and Hircine would be some huge frost giant.

Then again, how tough could he be?



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