"Let the bodies hit the floor"


After passing through the portal into the next chamber, I found myself in a long tunnel. Again, with no way to go back the way I came, all I could do was head down the tunnel into a very dark area. Even with the Belt of Night-Eye, it was difficult to see what was up ahead of me.


At the end of the tunnel was a huge arena, and lumbering around that arena, looking for something to fight, was the frost giant, Karstaag!

Only one of us was to do battle with Hircine, yet, should I approach this monster? He might be an anxious to get out of here as I was. I determined that it was more than likely that Karstaag would just as soon kill me as he would Hircine, so I decided to approach him in the dark while his back was turned, Medusa's Gaze spell at the ready. It was so dark in here that I wanted to make sure I could see what I was aiming at.

Just then, my foot hit a loose stone on the floor!





Well, there went the element of surprise.

Yeah, I think he heard me.


Whether or not I wanted his immediate attention, I had it.

Karstaag turned, staring right at me. All I could think right then were all of those skulls on his dinner table. I could tell what was on his mind right then and there, as he started to drool from hunger.


I shot a spell of Medusa's Gaze at him, hitting the giant dead-center on his huge head.

He resisted the spell, but didn't resist the urge to charge me right then and there!


I could tell right away, this would not be an easy battle. I readied my Ring of Weapons, thinking of which way to dodge him once this giant arrived.


Karstaag let out a roar that shook the room, taking a huge swing at me with his mighty right arm. I used my bound shield to protect me, but the force of the blow still pushed me to the side.

It was as if I was nothing more than a bug to this monster.

I quickly took two more health potions, then ran to my right, Karstaag in close pursuit!


Karstaag was right on my heels as I ran around the room. Quickly, I used the Amulet of Shadows to throw the giant off my trail. I dodged to the left, and used two potions to fortify my magick powers, then two more potions to restore those powers as quickly as I used them.

I summoned one creature after another, everything I had in my spellbook. I didn't care if it was a golden saint or a lowly ancestor ghost - if it would distract the giant away from me, it would be worth it.


The spell from the Amulet of Shadows wore off, but by now, Karstaag was embroiled in mortal combat with at least seven of my summoned creatures. I summoned more, replacing them as fast as Karstaag could kill them.


I used every amulet and ring I had to summon creatures, used more potions to restore the magicka used already, and continued to bring in more creatures to replace those that had fallen in battle.


It was truly like watching a bear fighting a nest of angry bees. With Karstaag distracted by all of my summoned creatures, I decided to add some fire-power of my own. I let loose with a spell of God's Fire.


That really got Karstaag's attention. He was frustrated and angry at all the summoned creatures, and at me for producing them. Unfortunately for me, my spell of God's Fire also helped to destroy my own creatures.

Karstaag, now more angry than he was before, turned to me and let out a roar that would curl one's hair.


I think he was angry with me.

Once again, several health potions were used before they were needed. They helped restore me as quickly as Karstaag could injure me.

Over and over, I hit him with my bound sword, striking and backing away, barely avoiding those huge fists of his.


Karstaag was beginning to weaken - I could tell by the wounds he had received from my army's attack on him earlier. Those summoned clanfear claws really leave a mark, and he had plenty of them.


I hit him several more times with my broadsword. It was working - the giant was failing.

At the same time, I was tiring quickly. I couldn't keep this up for much longer.

Suddenly, an idea came to mind. I turned and ran, and as expected, Karstaag chased after me.

I was still wearing the enchanted boots that would allow me to leap 30 feet into the air, and they would still work, even though levitation didn't seem to function here.

I could hear the monster right behind me. I made sure I had a straight shot of room ahead of me, then cast the Wall of Fire spell. It would form 10 feet in front of me. I could see it starting to sparkle, and jumped right over the top of it!


Karstaag, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, ran right into the wall of fire I had summoned. I set up two more walls from my position, to my right and left, just in case he got the idea to go around the first wall.

The thought never entered his beady little mind. With the combination of damage done by my summoned creatures, as well as my own weapons and spells, Karstaag finally fell to the floor, dead.

I was the victor!

As the fire died down and the spell wore off, I checked Karstaag's body, and found nothing that I could use.

I checked the rest of the arena and noticed another portal directly at the far end of the chamber. If it worked the same way that the other ones did, I would need they 'key' that allowed it to function. But where was the key for it?

Suddenly, I heard a teleport spell near the gate!





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