We made our way back to Solstheim Castle, arriving late in the evening. I parked the baby dragon in the back of the castle, telling him to wait for me there. He gave me a sad look but decided to wait as instructed, sniffing around the trees and bushes for something to eat. I went into my lab and found him several daedra hearts I had there. I use them for making potions that restore magicka, but this poor thing was starving.

"Food!!!" he shouted, as I put the food out for him. He gobbled up 3 of the daedra hearts, finally licking his lips. "Full!" he cooed. He then curled up and went to sleep. I guess we all like to do that with a full tummy, so I couldn't blame him. After all, we had just finished a full, busy day.


I got up early the next morning, told Laurenna I had to go shopping for food for the dragon.

"What are you draggin?" she mumbled, then drifted off back to sleep.

I fed the baby dragon three more daedra hearts, and that seemed to take care of him for the day. Obviously, I would need more of those - lots more.

Dressing for the ashlands, I decided I would give this special ring that Heart-Fang had 'gifted' to me upon his death. However, I certainly didn't want to use it around here.

Making sure I had several potions with me, I used the home ring for my Telvanni stronghold.


I teleported to Tel Uvirith, said hi to the staff, and headed out the door.

This would be a pretty good hunting area for nixhounds, rats, and the like, as well as daedric creatures that would provide the hearts needed to feed this hungry dragon.


I headed to the other side of a ridge just west of my stronghold.

There was no one around to see. I took out Hircine's Ring and slipped it on my finger.

Everything went black for a moment.


I opened my eyes. Everything looked extremely bright, sharp. I could hear sounds that I hadn't heard before - or perhaps I had heard them before, but just not as clearly as I did now.


I had changed to a hunter.

I could smell creatures nearby.

I could hear them breath.

One was nearby.


A young guar was nearby. I jumped into the air, higher than I could ever jump before, landing right in front of the creature. It turned to defend itself, but before it could do anything, I slashed into it with my claws.

Two strikes, and the guar fell dead. It was a good test of my strength and fighting abilities. These creatures provided no meat, just hide. I would have to find something that would feed my baby dragon.





There was another scent.....








Stalking my prey......I leap in the air, pouncing upon my next victim!


A flame Antroch falls dead before knew what hit him.

Fire salts from this creature may be useful.

But now, there was a problem - I couldn't get the fire salts from the creature's dead body. I would need to change back to human form first, I suppose.


I attempted to remove Hircine's ring from my finger.

Except - there was no ring to remove!

I would have to wait until the spell wore off. But, how long would that be? An hour? A day? A week? Tharsten Heart-Fang had certainly changed back to human form at one time or another. But how? Was I stuck as a werewolf now? Was there some way to reverse the ring's effect? Or would it just have to play out on its own?


I decided to do as much as possible to collect meat for the baby dragon. Since I couldn't collect the meat directly, I could at least kill the creatures I needed, and if the spell were to wear off later, I could return and collect what I needed.


I made my way north, along the eastern shore, killing off every nixhound and mudcrab I could find. I'd have to remember to come back to them for the meat.


Eventually, I found myself at the southern end of the grazelands, a very rich hunting ground, to be sure.







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