Knowing that there might be dangerous daedric creatures hiding out in the depths of these Dunmer strongholds, I decided to stop at the first one I found.


Yes, many creatures are found in these dangerous places.

None of them, however, provided the necessary items I needed for my baby dragon.

Still, I would come back later and collect what I could. It would be worth it. Each of these monsters fell easily at my hand (claws). Except for one nearly invisible winged twilight that nearly did me in.

And yet, even though I was badly injured by that creature, my wounds healed within the hour.


In the grazelands, it only took moments to find what I was looking for - a Titan Ogrim, picking his nose and looking for trouble. At sight of me, he grumbled, then lumbered towards me, fists ready to slam into my furry hide.


I snarled back, baring my razor-sharp claws.

The ogrim took a swing at me with it's powerful fist, but I dodged it easily.

I responded with a power slash of my claws, resulting in a huge gash in the creatures belly.

No, he didn't like that at all, and let his displeasure be known to the entire grazelands with a roar that sounded like thunder.


I managed to land a blow, knocking me over, but I rolled with the punch, landing back on my feet. I lunged forward with both claws, ripping the ogrim to shreds. He fell dead on his back.

And once again, I was left with a prize that I could not collect.

How long would this werewolf spell last?


After making several kills that would render the necessary meat needed for my hungry baby dragon, I returned to the Dunmer stronghold.


In the darkness, I decided I would wait out the effects of the spell, hoping it would not be too much longer before returning to human form.



That is, if I returned to human form.


An hour passed by, then another. Suddenly, I felt prickly all over, as if my skin were on fire. Once again, everything went black.

When I opened my eyes, I was back to my very handsome self.

I set about picking up the leftovers of the creatures I had killed, then headed outside.


Six hours - that's how long the spell had lasted. I was grateful that it wasn't longer.

I followed my earlier trail, picking up pieces of meat from the creatures I had killed, then continued up the west coast, picking off one mudcrab after another.

I had a huge number of Daedra hearts, nixhound, mudcrab, and rat meats - plenty of food for a hungry baby dragon.

Tired from a long day's work, I used the castle return scroll to head back to Solstheim Castle. I didn't know, however, what kind of trouble was going to find myself in once I got there!



















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