I got home via the spell scroll, went upstairs to change into something a little more comfortable, then headed down to the dinning area. Laurenna was waiting for me there.

"Um, you are in trouble, mister." she scowled.

"Who? Me?" I asked.

"Yes, you." she replied, "But not with me. The cook wants to see you...." she said, as she pointed to the kitchen, "....and she's not happy about something."

"Oh, well, then, I'd better see what the problem is." I said, trying to sound innocent.

As I turned towards the kitchen, there was the sound of a crate being overturned, crashing to the floor, and a cat screeching in anger. It sounded as if there was a fight going on in there.


The cook met me at the door, and she was not happy with me at all.

"Mr. Dragonmeal," she started, in a rather gruff tone, "I've done the cooking for many people all over the Empire, including the former master of this castle, but I gots to tell you right here and now, I ain't never had to deal with this sort of thing in my kitchen. Your dragon seems to have worked his way in the back door, and has been making a mess of my nice clean kitchen!"

"I see." I said, looking around the room at the mess the baby dragon had made. "I didn't realize he could open a door, ma'am".

"Well," she replied, "you just get old Poppodopulus out of my kitchen. That is, if you or anyone else is expecting anyone to make dinner tonight."

"Um, Poppodopulus?" I asked.

"Oh, honey, that's just an old Redguard joke." she scoffed, "Anytime my granddaddy couldn't remember where he put his shirt or shoes, it was always 'Old Poppodopulus musta taken it'. That's what he used to say. So I just call him Poppodopulus, mainly because he seems to get into things he's not supposed to get into."

"I see." I said. "Well, let me take care of the situation, ok?"

"Well, see that you do." she said, in a very authoritative voice. "I don't like no dragons getting into my pies."

And with that, she stormed out the door, leaving me to wonder what kind of trouble.....    


.......a baby dragon could possibly get into.

Well, I guess if one is hungry, they can get into lots of trouble.

Poppodopulus seemed an appropriate name for my little mischief-maker. He had broken into several crates, sampling the food inside.


Poppodopulus look up at me, proud of his accomplishment of being able to open a door.

"Food! I find food!" he proclaimed proudly.

He sampled the apples and peaches, spitting them out on the floor. "Ug! Not meat!"

He tried a chicken leg, but didn't seem to care for it as much as the crabmeat and kwama eggs. He certainly didn't care for any of ashyams or saltrice.


"How in the world did you get into the kitchen?" I asked.

"Me smart!" he replied. "Me find door old lady come out of. I watch her. I learn how door work!"

Poppodopulus went back to trying the different foods scattered on the floor, spitting out the things he didn't like.


Laurenna decided to join in and see what all the noise was about.

"Eldorf Dragonmeal. Who let that thing in the kitchen?"

"Um, well, he let himself in." I replied. Seems he's a pretty smart dragon.

Poppodopulus heard us talking about him, especially the part about him being a pretty smart dragon.

"Hungry!" he cried. "Me find food!"

It was like a little child, looking for approval from it's parents. It was impossible for me not to smile.


Laurenna looked at the mess on the kitchen floor. "Honey, he has to go outside." she said.

"Oh, I know." I replied. "But for a couple of minutes, let him have his fun. I mean, just look at him - he's so proud of himself, learning how to work the door and all. I'll give him a few minutes to finish eating, and then......."


Just then, the peace of the moment was disturbed by a rather loud, wet noise.

It seems that even baby dragons have to go sometimes.

Laurenna and I just stared at it for a moment. Then she said "I'll get a bucket and mop." As she headed for the door, she added "And I'm NOT cleaning that up."

Poppodopulus looked up at me, proud of his latest accomplishment.

"Go sleep now?" he asked.

"Not yet." I said. I figured I'd have to put him up for the night where he wouldn't be making a mess and couldn't get into trouble. Hopefully, that would keep ME out of trouble.


After cleaning up the mess that Poppodopulus made, I told him to follow me out the back door.

We headed across the castle's courtyard to the only place I knew where he wouldn't be too much trouble....


....the castle stable.

At least here he would stay out of the cooks hair (and kitchen), and I wouldn't have to constantly clean up after him.


I spoke to the stablemaster, telling him to feed the dragon only meat.

"Yeah, I like animals." he replied. "I stay with them all the time."

I saw his bed right behind him. "I suppose you do." I replied. "Just make sure that Poppodopulus doesn't eat any of the cows, pigs, or the horse."

"Yeah, ok." he replied.


"More food?" I heard from behind me.

"Yes, I have more food for you." I replied.

Poppodopulus seemed pretty happy in his new digs. The soft straw was warmer than the cold ground outside, and softer than the hard stone floor in the kitchen.


I gave him three of the Daedric hearts I had collected during my hunting expeditions. Those filled up his little tummy very nicely.


"Tummy full!" he cooed.

"That's good!" I replied. "You stay here now, and I will bring you food every day, ok?"

Poppodopulus nuzzled my leg, cooing gently.

"Sleepy!" he added, then curled up and went to sleep.

Well, at least I wouldn't have to worry about the cook.









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