We spent the next several weeks together, Poppodopulus and I. I'd supply the food, and he'd eat it. It looked as though Daedra hearts were the best thing for him, filling his tummy with only three of them. Yet, they were difficult to come by. It was a good thing I had a large supply of them.


Every day, Poppodopulus grew larger and larger. In just a few days, my head only came up to his shoulders. And still, he was hungry.


Days turned into weeks. The dragon learned to play with the horse and chickens, but learned that he was not supposed to eat them. Poppodopulus learned to trust me as his best friend.

He grew taller and taller, his head reaching to the tallest rafters of the stable.


One day, after feeding him, he started clawing at the door of the stable.

"Want out!" he said.

It was odd that after all this time, he had been content to stay in the stable. Now, however, something was changing in him. He needed to be outside.


I finally had to admit to myself, Poppodopulus was growing into an adult, and as such, could no longer abide the confines of a small stable.

This was a majestic beast, one that needed to be free.

There was no other choice in the matter.


I had the stable hand open the doors and gate for us. I hadn't realized just how large Poppodopulus had grown. We could barely get him out the doors.

As we left the stable, he sniffed the air, enjoying the new smells.

There would be one place I could take him where he'd be safely out of harm's way.


Using a levitation spell, I headed up over the castle walls. Poppodopulus spread his huge wings, lifting off the ground behind me, following closely like an obedient child.


We ended up in the meadow next to the castle. He looked around, enjoying the view.

"You can stay here." I said. "Here is some food for you."


I gave him three more Daedric hearts. He gobbled them up quickly.

Then, something changed.

"I am no longer a dragon child, Eldorf Dragonmeal." he said. "I've grown, and started to feel things that make me confused. There is only one place where I can go. I must know what I am, and what is expected of me. I must go to Dagerloft. Come there later."


With that, Poppodopulus spread his huge wings, and lifted himself into the air.


I had raised this creature from an egg, and was now watching my "child" leave the nest.


He flew higher and higher, finally vanishing from sight.


I resolved that I would wait a few days, then travel to Dagerloft myself, to see what my dragon had decided about himself.











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