"You are now free to move about the cabin."

I waited a few days after Poppodopulus left before flying back to Dagerloft. I felt it was necessary to give him time to figure out what he needed to know.

Over the past 4 or 5 weeks, we had become close friends, he and I, and I felt I might have need of a powerful dragon as a friend.


I entered the cavern and found him there, waiting for me.

"Ah, Eldorf. You have come at last." he said.

"As you requested." I replied. "What have you learned in these two days?"

"At least I know who I am." he replied, spreading his wings in a majestic manner. "I'm the son of the great Unthoiz, one of the eldest dragons. I have learned of the past of my race, and how powerful we can be." 


"But you aren't your father." I replied.

Poppodopulus lowered his head. "Yes, I know that." he said. "I'm so sorry for my father. I've seen what his plans were, and I know what his error was."

"What would that be?" I asked.

"He didn't try to know your kind." was the reply. "He started to hate you more and more until his heart was darker than his skin."

He lowered his huge head down to me, looking me directly in the eye. "I know you, and I know how interesting your kind can be. You have taken care of me, and in return, I will give you a special gift."

His eyes flashed, and there, before me, was a dragon saddle.

"It is an artifact from an era when humans used to ride dragons." he said, pushing it towards me with his nose. "It's made from a mineral which is very light and strong."

I picked up the saddle. It was as light as a feather, but strong, as he said it would be. Poppodopulus crouched down, allowing me to place the saddle on his back.

"Now, climb on." he said. "I will show you the function of this saddle."

With that I removed my robe, climbed upon his back, and held on tightly as he rushed out the door of the cavern.


Even as a cliffracer form, I have never flown like this before. He flew high, diving straight at the rocks below, then lifting up high into the clouds again.

We dove towards a mud crab on the ground, and he let out a huge burst of dragon fire, frying the poor mudcrab where it stood.


This was such a thrill I had never dreamed possible before, and yet, here I was, riding the wings of a real dragon.

Learning how to guide and direct his flight, I had him head west, back to Solstheim Castle. Laurenna would really be surprised by this new development.


We made it back to the little island in minutes, his powerful wings getting us there in record time.   


Poppodopulus seemed to know exactly where I wanted him to land. He gently glided over the small lake, then slowed down, extending his huge legs for touchdown.


I dismounted and stood beside him. He wasn't even breathing hard - the flight was hardly any effort for him at all.

"I hunger, Eldorf." he said.

"I have several more Daedric hearts for you." I replied.

"There is no need, master." he said. "I can hunt on my own now."

"I understand." I replied. "You won't be hunting any people, will you?" I said, smiling.


"No, of course not." he said, then added, "Oh, I see you were joking. I can tell by the smile on your face. I have learned that much about your people."

I was grateful that he understood my sense of humor.

"Then I won't keep you." I said. "Good hunting to you. I will see you here tomorrow."

"Tomorrow it is, then." came his reply.

And with that, Poppodopulus flew off into the clouds in search of something good to eat.



















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