As it is with all good things, Eldorf's story has come to an end. It is time for me to move on and build my next PC so I can play the next generation of RPG's that have been sitting patiently on my desk, waiting for me to finish this story (and that includes Oblivion). Because some of the rumors in Oblivion state that the Nerevarine had been reported to have left Morrowind on an expedition to Akavir, I wanted to make sure his departure tied in with that rumor.

The inspiration to do this story came directly from the website:

There were walkthroughs in story form for Arena and Daggerfall, the first two Elder Scrolls games, as well as Battlespire and Redguard, two spinoffs of the series. They were written so well that I spent several hours reading each one of them, mainly to catch up on the storylines of the series. It was after seeing a one for Morrowind that I decided to do this one for my third character. I had played Morrowind twice before - first as a Nord Spellsword joining House Redoran, then as a female Nord Spellsword joining House Hlaalu. I had already started my third game with a few mods that ended up conflicting with each other (that's actually where I got the snapshot that appears at the top of each page of the story). Deciding that I would do a narration for this character, I restarted Eldorf's game and thus, the story was born.

I had no idea that starting this cute little project would turn into a 2 year, 9 month project with just one character. It's been a lot of work, but it was worth it. Since no movie will ever be made of this game, this was a "movie" I just had to squeeze out of my head, and I learned a lot while doing it, including how to do web pages. It's amazing what you can learn on the fly with the right programs.   


First, I'd like to thank a couple of geeks where I used to work that advised me to use tables in my webpages, so all the images and text would line up correctly.

A big THANK YOU to all the modders out there that made this even more fun the third time around than it was the first two games that I played.

There are a bunch here, but the vital ones were "White Wolf of Lokken", "Solstheim Castle", "Vampire Embrace", "Urvith Inside", "Pack Guar", "Zelda Estate", "Ranger Tent" and "Bank of Vvardenfell".

Special thanks to "Reign of Fire", without which, there would have been no dragon to fly away on. Also, honorable mention goes to "The Illuminated Order", since I never did get a chance to finish that questline.

Also, a BIG thank you to the guys at for the Better Bodies/Better Heads mod, and Rhedd's Heads for making all the people look real. Eldorf's very handsome self is a direct result of Rhedd's work, so thank you very much, guy, for that great piece of work.

Same goes for the makers of all those great gowns.


I'd also like to thank the all you people on the Elder Scrolls forums for (1) your encouragement and praise on the stories, and (2) assistance with a few glitches that might have cause a complete disaster in the middle of this huge story.

Special thanks to Rohugh for his help in telling me how to restart the Dark Brotherhood activity so I could narrate the start of Tribunal correctly.

By the way, I understand that several people, inspired by my story, have decided to start their own narrations of their character. I just want to say that I feel most honored to be an inspiration to what could be the next great author. If that were to be my legacy, then I feel I have done good.


I'd also like to thank my mom for reading and enjoying such a strange and interesting story. Since she used to work for a newspaper, her proofreading skills saved the day for me on a number of occasions. Thanks mom!

Another big thank you goes to my mom, my little brother, and his wife, for getting me Photoshop, which was responsible for some of the high quality images seen in this story. Thanks, guys.

Another thank you goes to my little brother again, for getting me the Namo Web Editor, which built a majority of these webpages, and allowed the use of those nice pull-down page menus on each of the home pages.  Thanks little brother - you're the best!


Finally, the guys at Bethsoft! As children, we often play in a sandbox, allowing our imaginations to roam free, being other places for a while.

Guys: thank you for creating one of the most fascinating sandboxes we've ever had the pleasure to play in.

You guys rock!