(PART 1 OF 10)

NOTE: This sequence is based on the downloadable mod for Morrowind "White Wolf of Lokken Mountain." The source file for this very well-written (and very enjoyable) story can be found here. You will need to be using the PC version of Morrowind, and it requires installing both the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansion packs.  Note that if you want to play this mod and don't want to see any spoilers, click here (index), then go to page 023.

I enjoyed a very quiet, peaceful sleep that night. When I got up, I went to the castle dungeon to make sure that the former Captain Killanious was nice the secure in his jail cell.

After checking on him, I went to the kitchen, grabbed a bite to eat, and then took a stroll out in the courtyard. It occurred to me that I might need some supplies for upcoming missions, so I headed out to the boat docks. Bread was my main concern. It's always with me when I roam about.

Out by the docks, I picked up some fresh bread, eggs, and a few other things. The trader suggested I head over to Davie's Locker if I was looking for a good time. Well, I needed a good time, after all the stuff that happened the day before.

I had slept most of the morning, and it was just about noon. I could already hear the music and laughter coming from the tavern. Must have been one heck of a party going on there.

Inside, there was a very light atmosphere in the place, so I decided to join in the fun. I even took "He's-gotta-deep-pockets" up on his offer to find a pearl under the shell. I bet 100 gold coins. Imagine my surprise when I picked the correct shell and doubled my money! What was nice was that I didn't have to kill anything to get it. "Pockets" wanted me to try it again, but I decided not to push my good luck.

I found a couple of people near the fireplace. The guy was from Suran, in the south of Vvardenfell. "Have you ever heard of that really neat place they have there?" he queried? "It's called the House of Earthly Delights. They've got dancers there that'll curl your beard!!" I could tell he was half drunk, but he was right. I had been there to collect money for the Fighter's Guild. I told him I'd seen the place, and yes, that the girls there were very pretty. "Not as pretty as me!!" said the girl on the bench next to the fire place. "I'mmmmm prettier than {hick} all of thosh girsh put together". "You seem like you're enjoying yourself." I said, noticing that she was 3 sheets to the wind. "I'mmmm not as think as you drunk I am." was her reply. Obviously, she was enjoying herself a bit too much.

It was warm by the fire so I took off my robe and hung it up. I was under the impression that a gentleman in fancy clothes was sure to impress the ladies.  There were a couple of girls near the minstrals enjoying the music, so I went over to talk to them.

One girl didn't want to talk, but the other one kept giving me one drink after another. This went on for a few hours. I was glad she was buying me a drink, instead of the other way around. We talked and talked, but she seemed more interested in getting drunk than anything else.  None-the-less, we spent a lot of time singing and enjoying the music.

It was getting late, but I noticed that at midnight, there was to be a boxing match. I went over to Davie, put down 100 gold pieces and waited. At midnight, they started fighting. On and on it went, with one not seeming to gain the advtage over the other. Eventually, one of the two guys fell down, and I had lost my bet. Oh well, I didn't mind. I had plenty more where that came from.

Just after the fight, I noticed a flyer on one of the tables that someone had left. It was an advertisement for hunting at some place just south of my castle called LoKKen, and suggested good hunting could be found there. I looked more closely at the bottom of the flyer. It said that everyone arriving at LoKKen Castle must report immediately to the throne room, to Ragner Fire Hair, Chieftain of Lokken. 

It suggested catching a ship from Fort Frostmouth in the south of Solstheim, but I didn't want to go that far south.

I spoke to a Nord dancing his heart out nearby. "LoKKen Island? Sure, I know the place. Good hunting there, lots of beasts to practice your skills with. Of course, if you're not very good at it, those beasts may be the end of ya." I asked "Is there a way to the island other than via Frostmouth?" "Sure, check the dock near the trader. He usually goes to LoKKen every other day or so."

I thanked him for his time, put on my warm robe, and headed out the door. I had had so much to drink that I couldn't cast a spell if my life depended on it. Lucky for me I was in a friendly area. It was just after midnight, so pretty much everyone was in bed alseep. It had stopped snowing from earlier today, and the sky was crisp and dark, with the stars as bright as diamonds. I made my way back to Solstheim Castle, removed my robe and headed off to bed.


The next morning, I went back to the boat docks, and found the "other" boat. "LoKKen Island, is it?" he said. "Well, sure I know the place well. I drop off supplies there all the time. In fact, several of the villagers here have gone hunting there. One didn't come back, though." I looked at him with widened eyes. He squinted back at me and just said "I hear tell that wolves got him. They hunt in packs, ya know. Nice fellow, too. I'll miss him. He was a good customer."

That said, we headed off to LoKKen Island. It was about 5pm when we got there, and another boat was getting ready to leave for Fort Frostmouth.

"Here for the hunting, are ya?", he said. I acknowledged his statement with a simple nod of my head.  "Well, then head on up the way to the inn, turn left and follow the trail to the stairs. You'll find yourself at the front entrance. Don't worry about the guard at the door, he'll let you in, no problem."

I asked "Can't I stop at the inn and see Ragnar in the morning?" "No," he replied, "Ragnar's pretty stiff about the rules, and not one to ignore. Off ya go now."

I watched him pull off from the dock, then headed up the trail he had mentioned. It was cold, and the wind cut through the Nordic armor I was wearing. I was glad I brought my warm robe with me.

I headed up the trail, found the inn, turned left, and yes, there was the castle entrace.

I walked in, shook the cold from my hands, and asked the guard where I might find the throne-room. He pointed at the door straight ahead of me, as if I should have known this already. I explained it was my first time here. "Oh, well, good luck, champ!" he said, and strolled off to another part of the hallway.