Teleportation: I know the spell of “recall” and also have an amulet that does the same thing, just in case I completely run out of magika. Problem: Laurenna doesn’t do the spell very well.  Solution: find a similar amulet for her to use. Seems easy enough.


Well, I thought I would try to make one myself for her, so I went to the lab to try it out. I tried one of my more expensive amulets, but the enchantment failed, and I wasted a perfectly good soul gem in the process.

My lab assistant suggested purchasing a new amulet for Laurenna. I tried doing just that, using my own amulet of recall to go back to Caldera, in the hopes that the trader there near my cottage would have another one by now. Imagine my surprise when my own amulet didn't work! I tried it again, and still found myself in the lab. The enchantress took the amulet from me and held it tightly. "It has fired off it's charge twice, but it had no spell of 'mark' to go to. You know the spell yourself, do you not?" "Yes, of course I do." I replied. "Then try it through your own power." she said. I invoked the spell of recall and even though the spell was cast correctly, I was still in the lab. "What could cause this?" I asked her. "You are doing the spell correctly, and there is nothing wrong with your amulet. That can only mean the amulet and spell have no place to take you. The 'mark' has been eliminated somehow." "How is that possible?" I asked. "If the place you put the 'mark' spell is no longer there, it would explain a lot."     


I told Laurenna about the non-working amulet problem. "Honey, you can get me one next time you're in Vvardenfel, it's not that urgent.  Besides, you can probably get me one of those 'divine intervention' amulets or scrolls."

That's probably true, so I told Laurenna that next time I went to Balmora or Caldera, I'd check some of the local merchants for one, just for her.

I began planning a trip to Caldera to find out what had happened to my very important 'mark' spell.  It had worked the last time I tried it from the castle, so range wasn't a problem. There was more to this mystery than distance.


It was just a few days later that I had a knock on my door by one of the guards. It seems that the butler had an impotant message for me downstairs.

"Eldorf, I have a scroll here, marked "Most urgent, eyes only." he said.

Do you know who it's from?" I asked?

"Looks like one of those Telvani representatives, er, a 'mouth' I think they call 'em.  Marked from the council chamber of Sadrith Mora."

Yes, that's them.  I'd better check to see what was so important.


A message from no less than Fast Eddie, my mouth in the Telvani council chamber.  

The letter read "Master Eldorf, I hope this letter finds you in good health.  There have been sightings of strange flying things near your stronghold.  I have had an enchanted ring created for you to fast transport yourself to your strong hold.  I brought it to Caldera while I was there picking up a few of my personal belongings.  I gave it to the arms dealer there by the name of Meldor.  Please use your ring to go to your stronghold and speak with the people there about these sightings.  I do not have many details, but they felt it was urgent enough to have me contact you about it.  If I obtain more information, I will leave them in your stronghold office." It was signed by Eddie Thieman.


The note was most disturbing.  There were always smugglers and bandits hiding near the place where my stronghold was, but flying things? Certainly, they couldn't mean cliffracers. Those creatures were everywhere, but everyone knows what they look like. A mouth will not try to contact his patron unless something is extremely important, so for Eddie to go through the trouble of making a teleportation ring for me to use was both convenent, and troubling.

I found Laurenna in my chambers trying out one of the dresses I had purchased for her and had shipped from Caldera.  I told her how lovely she looked in it, and she gave me a big hug and a kiss for the complement.

"Laurenna, I have to check something out at my stronghold. It's in the Molag Amur region of Vvardenfell. You don't have to go all that way with me, but we do have to go to Balmora first. How would you like to go with me?" "Oh, I would love to go with you!", she said. "Do they really have those tall creatures, 'walkers' I think they call them?"

"Yes," I said, "they're called 'stilt striders'.  We can catch one once we get to Khuul.  Once we get to Balmora, we might be able to find a 'recall' amulet for you. There's some nice shopping there, too."

Well, that brightened up her face!  "When do we leave?" she said.  "Soon as you pack." I replied.


I have to admit, I have seldom seen anyone pack things so quickly before, but being part warrior, she new the value of being ready for anything at a moment's notice.

I brought a few things with me as well, including some armor.  I might need it.  I was almost more concened about Zelda Estate, and my recall amulet not working, since I used that location on a very regular basis.

We both headed to the boat docks, as it was already 11 am, and I knew this would be a long journey.


It was a few hours to get to Fort Frostmoth in the south part of Solstheim island, then another hour or so before we arrived in Khuul.  There, Laurenna saw her first stilt strider.

"It .... smells ... odd" she said, wrinkling her cute nose. The driver just rolled his eyes, probably thinking "Oh, yes, another 'first-timer'. Well, I'm sure he had his share of those before.

"I can take you as far as Ald'ruhn" he said. "From there, you can take another strider to Balmora."

We acknowledged our understanding, and climbed on board the giant creature's back. The driver pulled on the levers that manipulated the nerves of the creatures back, and with a soft 'cooing' sound, the creature slowly lumbered to the south to Ald'ruhn.

"What is it you have to check out at your stronghold?" Laurenna asked.  "I'm not sure, exactly." I replied.  "It was some kind of report of a flying creature.  Couldn't be a cliff racer, those things are pretty common all over Vvardenfell."  "What do you think it could be?" she asked.  "Well, I'm not sure myself," I said, "but I believe someone may have been drinking a little too much brandy. Anyway, I'm sure it'll give us a chance to get away and you can do some shopping.  When we're done in Balmora, I know that Ald'ruhn has a lot of nice clothing shops as well."  Laurenna's face brightened with that prospect.      


We arrived in Balmora after a long night of travel, and we were both exhausted.  The stop-over in Ald'ruhn was short, just long enough to re-position the two stilt striders so we could get off of one and get on the other.  The driver of the Ald'ruhn strider mentioned something in passing that was a little disturbing: he said that there were rumors of ancient flying creatures, some moving east from the Molog Amur region.  I said I that was part of the reason for my travel here.

"You are Eldorf the Wise, aren't you?" he inquired.  "Yes, of both the Mages Guild and House Telvani.  I am here to investigate these strange sightings that you mention."  He seemed glad to hear that I was on the case.  Obviously, my reputation had gotten around.   "You may want to check on Caldera." he said.  I heard from a traveler that there was some kind of attack of these creatures there.  One building was slightly burned, but another house was completely burned to the ground."  The news greatly disturbed me.  My amulet of recall didn't work, and the house he might be referring to could have been mine.  If it was, it would explain the amulet's refusal to function properly.  I would have to test it here, first.

"Thank you for the information, muth sara, I will indeed investigate there first.  Three blessings to you."  "Three blessings to you, and your lovely wife, Eldorf the Wise." was his response.   


We made out way into Balmora, and realized that I might need to set up a place for Laurenna to stay while I investigate this little mystery.  We stopped by the outfitter's office to pick up some bread and kwama eggs. It had been a long and tiring journey for both of us. I just wish it would stop raining.

"Is it always this gloomy?" she asked.  "No," I said, "most of the time, the weather here is usually pretty nice."    


I remembered Meldor, the weapons dealer, from my early days in Vvardenfell - not a lot of great stuff, and very high priced.

We walked into his shop, and he shouted from his private room downstairs that he would be up in a minute.  We decided to give him that minute, as Laurenna looked around the shop for some armor, and possibly a weapon for herself.     


Meldor finally made his way up the stairs, took one look at Laurenna, and suddenly went on about how important it is to ensure that such a lovely lady should have the finest armor and weapons, which he, of course, could supply (at a reasonable price, of course).  I calmed him down after a few minutes of his sales pitch and advised him that I was here for a ring that was left in his care for me.

"Oh, the ring from Fast Eddie, er, yes, um, I have it right here for you."  Meldor started rumbling through his pants pockets, his shirt pocket, and his face started to turn red. "Oh, I know it's here somewhere, just a minute." and he started going through some of his boxes under the counter. The guard could be heard chuckling under his helmet as he watched this little wood elf try to find the simplest of things that should have been kept in a safe and secure spot. I, on the other hand, was less than amused.  If he lost this ring, it would still mean a journey to my stronghold,  just much longer than I was hoping for.

"Er, uh, good sir, I am sorry. I cannot seem to find it." he mumbled.  "Well, where did Eddie give it to you in the first place?" I said, trying to be helpful, instead of angry. "Er, um, well, I met him near the stilt strider as he was leaving, and he gave it to me there. I know I put it in my right pants pocket, and walked straight from there to my shop." "And, what is in your pocket now?" I said.  Meldor dug deep into his right pants pocket and came out with his finger poking through a hole in it.

Great: A very helpful ring, and it cannot even make it safely for 60 strides without getting lost.     


We walked out of Meldor's shop, resigned to making a long trip (well, I would make it, Laurenna didn't have to). Just then, by the doorstep, something caught my eye. Yes, it was the missing ring.  The wood elf had lost it just as he got to his shop.  "Are you going to tell him?" Laurenna asked.  "I may tell him, next time I come to his shop, but for now, let him stew.  Maybe I'll buy him a new pair of pants as a hint."

Laurenna laughed, then asked were we should go next.    


I thought about it for a moment, then decided we could rent a room at the Eight Plates, a local eating establishment and Inn, not far from here.  At least there we could get out of the rain, get something hot to eat, and she'd have a place to sleep while I checked out some things near my stronghold. I really wanted to check out Caldera, but that would have to wait, since my responsibility was to the Duke who gave me the deed and permission to build the stronghold in the first place. Besides, I didn't really thing much of these rumors anyway.  Probably just someone who mistook a cliffracer for something else.  It happens when you have too much skooma or moonsugar.


We stopped at the Eight Plates, got something to eat, then rented a small room for ourselves. We were both very tired after our journey, so after having some eggs, we went to our room to sleep for a few hours (or try to sleep, anyway).

About 3 hours later, I decided it was time for me to check out these strange goings on at my stronghold, but before I left, I figured I'd better check to see if my recall amulet still worked.  I stepped outside the room and performed the spell of 'mark' just outside the door. I went up the stairs and used the amulet of recall, and it worked, teleporting me the few feet back to where I had put my 'mark' spell. "Well, at least we know I can also return quickly." Laurenna was glad to hear that. "How long will you be gone?" she asked. "I cannot say for certain, probably no more than a day, possibly two. I will use our wedding ring to communicate with you if it'll be longer than that. In the mean time, here is money for at least 2 nights stay, and some more if you'd like to check out some of the stores here."

I kissed her on the cheek, gave her a big hug, and said I would return shortly. I used Eddie's stronghold ring and vanished in a puff of green smoke.