Several of the usual creatures that hang around these shrines tried to kill us, but we managed to defeat them easily. Once the area was cleared, we started searching for evidence of where this dragon might be hiding.

It didn't take too long, as we found Elmar's missing guar, or actually, what was left of it. The dragon was definitely in this area.


Near the upper part of the shrine, I found a door that I hadn't seen on my last trip here many months ago.

There was a trail of fresh blood leading to the door, and bits of guar flesh here and there on the doorstep. This had to be the place.


Inside the shrine, we found the usual statues of some odd diety that always seem to be here in these places of evil. I had drawn my own sword, but it was not necessary - there was not one person to be found inside this place. They usually have worshippers here that will attack on sight, but not this time.


There were three doors inside the structure. One of them was blocked, probably due to a cave-in on the other side of it. The second door opened, but that only lead to a solid wall of rubble, probably due to another cave-in.

The third door lead down to a smaller door, which opened up to a larger cavern. There was a small pool of red-hot lava, and we had to carefully tip-toe around it in order to avoid being roasted alive.

At the end of the trail, I found a cavern entrance, and could hear the sound of the dragon coming from the other side. I turned to Laurenna and said "Listen: if we are attacked, I want you to use arrows only. You're a good marksman so aim for it's eyes, if you can. I will be using summoned creatures, and they'll be creating a lot of magical blasts everywhere, and I don't want you caught in their crossfire." "Ok," she said, "I'll use marksman skills only."

"One other thing." I added. "If you are injured, I need you to get out of the cave immediately, so stay near the entrance."

Laurenna nodded in agreement. I would be using Aryon's Helper, an enchanted glove given to me by the Telvani wizard, Master Aryon. It would summon 3 daedra to fight for me by proxy. That would give me enough time to dodge out of the way, and summon more creatures as well.

I took in a deep breath, and we jumped inside the cave.    



Inside the cavern, we found the dragon. "I am Akhekhu, Red Dragon. Instead of being dragged in here to be food for me, you coming of your own free will to be my food. I hope you are tasty!"

"Akhekhu, Red Dragon, I am Eldorf the Wise. I have come here to ask why you have returned after all this time."

Akhekhu laughed. "To eat you alive."


"Laurenna, chamelion, now!!!" I shouted over my shoulder. Laurenna used Granny's charm and vanished from sight.

It did no good. The dragon shot a blast of fire from it's mouth, and I heard Laurenna scream. This creature could see, even under a chamelion spell. Realizing this, I shouted to Laurenna, "Get out of here, quickly!! This beast could see her.

I think she heard me.


Now, it was time for Aryon's helper to come into play. I fired the enchantment, and 3 creatures came to me from oblivion to do battle with this dragon. One of the 3 creatures brought forth was a flame antroch, and the other was a frost antroch. The third was a clanfear, and it immediately began to tear at the dragon's hind legs with it's sharp claws, causing the dragon to turn it's attention away from me. The flame antroch sent one fireball spell after another at the dragon, but it had no effect, other than to distract the creature. The frost antroch, other the other hand, did have some effect on the beast. Fire won't affect it, but frost (and possibly shock will). I used my own magicka and summoned a storm antroch, which turned and began shooting shock spells at the dragon.

Defeating the clanfear, I added a Dwemer centurion sphere, which started to poke and stab and the creatures legs and chest. I summoned another clanfear to replace the one that had been defeated. I then added a greater bonewalker. The bonewalker heaved one curse after another at the dragon, draining it's strength.     


My frost antroch died out, but while the clanfear had the dragon distracted again, I added more to my army - another flame antroch, a hunger, and a winged twilight.


The dragon kept trying to fry me alive, blasting fire from it's mouth, but I kept dodging out of the way while my summonings kept it busy.

I added a golden saint and a bonelord to the mixture, and they brought more misery to the now very tired dragon

I saw an opportunity! I cast total invisibility and ran around to the other side of the dragon.


As I drew my sword, it broke the invisibility spell. The clanfear I added again was now digging out chunks of the dragon's flesh. The dragon roared in both anger and pain, and when it saw me, it hesitated for a moment, then lunged at me. My custom-made glass shield protected me from the brunt of it's sharp teeth. I answered it's charge with a shot from my own sword. Although it was enchanted, the dragon ignored the paralyzing effect it tried to give. I ran under the creature and stabbed again and again.    

My other summoned creatures continued to stab and wound the dragon, and eventually, even my own sword must have taken it's toll. It stopped its attack on me, howling at the wall, circling the cavern, trying to now avoid the attacks of my own army.

I hit the dragon with a spell of God's Frost, one of the most powerful spells I have. The dragon staggered from the effect of the spell.

Finally, after one loud roar from it's mighty head, it fell dead among the bones of it's unfortunate victims.


"Laurenna, are you ok?" I shouted. "Yes, but that thing really burned me bad." she replied and she came back into the cave. "I see." I said, looking at the burns on her arms. "Better use on of my health potions again." I gave her one of my home-made potions, and she was better in no time.

It was hard to walk around the dragon and not step on the bones of the people it had eaten.

One thing we did find was a huge pile of gold and jewels in a corner of the cavern.

"Did you find out anything from the dragon before it died?" she asked. "No," I replied sadly, "Akhekhu only wanted to have me for dinner, and wouldn't say why they had returned to Morrowind. We'll have to return home, and I'll have to talk to Illwing in Caldera to see if he can help with this any further."

We gathered up the rest of the gold and precious stones, and headed back for the cave entrance.

As we left, I gave one glance back at Akhekhu. Such a beautiful beast. It was such a shame to have to kill him. Legends should  never die, especially ones as old as dragons.