After arriving at the Balmora Mage's Guild offices, I changed into a mist form and floated over the mountains just west of the city, and into the Bitter Coast region. It was much faster than walking the entire distance, and I didn't want to keep Laurenna waiting.


I arrived back in the cave, and Laurenna was very happy to see me.

"Anything happen while I was away?" I asked.

"Nothing." she said, "Just clicks and noises from this odd machine at the end of the hall."


I checked closely at the dwemer steam machine, and determined that I could simply not figure out what it was doing, other than spinning it's driveshaft to do whatever it does.

I tried sticking a dwemer tube into the exhaust pipe, but it didn't fit.

I had a lot more luck with the cylinder, as it fit like a glove into the open end of the pipe.


With the dwemer cylinder firmly in placed in the exhaust pipe, I decided to see what kind of damage we could do with it.

One after another, we opened up the control valves to the machine, making it run faster and faster.

I opened the first one, Laurenna opened the second one, then the third one.     


I called Laurenna to my side, not knowing exactly what would happen. She came from the 3rd valve, and I opened up the 4th valve.

I guess that was just too much pressure for a stopped-up exhaust pipe to deal with.

There was a loud crack and explosion, and the support column closest to the steam machine cracked into several parts, falling and just missing both myself and Laurenna. It was a good thing she had moved away from the 3rd value control or it would have crushed her!      


As the column fell, it tore out part of the upper wall with it, exposing a cave behind it.

"Laurenna," I said, "I do believe we have found the green dragon's lair."

"How are we getting up there?" she said.

"Well, there's always the levitation spell. You do know that one, right?"     


Laurenna said she remembered the spell, so we both cast it, and levitated up to the huge hole in the wall.

The spell only lasted 30 seconds, but it was more than enough to get us into the entrance.

It was just a short walk into the cave that we arrived at the entrance to the dragon's lair.

I told Laurenna to guard the entrance, that I would be using a number of summoned creatures to do battle with this monster, and didn't want her to get in the way of their magkial blasts.

Laurenna wanted to get into the battle, but realized that with all of the blasts of spells going on, it was easy to accidentally get hit, especially with 5 or 6 creatures all shooting at each other.

I readied the gloved "Aryon's Helper" and entered the cave of the Green Dragon.