I entered the cave and instantly, the dragon sensed my presence. The huge beast reared up upon it's hind legs, spread it's mighty wings, and blasted a sea of fire in front of itself.

"I am Dakgorim, of the green dragons. Who are you, mortal, that you enter my domain?"

In my most commanding voice, I replied "I am Eldorf the Wise, and I have come to ask why you and your brothers have come to Vvardenfell after these many centuries of peace."


"Ah," the dragon hissed, "so, you are the one that killed my brother."

The dragon was trying to change the subject, as if to be evasive.

"Will you tell me why the dragons have returned?" I asked again.

Dakgorim hissed at me in anger. "Puny creature," he roared, "I will tell you nothing but the story of your death as I roast you alive!"

Well, that conversation didn't go over too well.     


I quickly ran to the side, avoiding the blast of searing heat of the fireball that was shot in my general direction. As I ran, I used Aryon's Helper, and called forth several creatures to do battle with the dragon. I also used the spell "Wall of Bones" to bring forth an army of skeletons. They would not be very effective in battle with a creature of this size and power, but they'd serve as a deterant while I found a different position from which to shoot spells from. In the meantime, a hunger, bonelord, flame and frost antroch's kept the creature at bay.   

I also added a daedra, demora, and golden saint to the mixture. Each one kept the creature fighting in different directions.



I added a storm antroch, shooting it's lightening storms, as well as a clanfear and a winged twilight, as the dragon had defeated my other summonings.  Each time one was defeated, I would summon two more.

Their combined attacks drive the dragon back up against the wall of it's lair.   


As the twilight and clanfear tore at the creature with their claws, the dragon the dragon fought back with it's blast of fire.

I added a greater bonewalker, and it immediately started shooting it's weakness spells at the dragon.



The spell for the wall of bones wore off, but they had done their job of diverting the dragon's attention away from me.

I used 3 potions to restore my magic, as all of these summoned creatures took a lot of power out of me.

The dragon grew weaker and weaker, no longer blasting flames at my summoned army, but simply resorting to attacking with tooth and claw.    


I added Aryon's Helper, and brought forth more summonings as the dragon continued it's fight.

This one was much harder to defeat than the first one was.    


By this time, I was down to a frost antroch and a clanfear.

The dragon was becoming exhausted, relying solely on it's huge teeth for battle.    


The dragon thought he was done, did he?

Storm, frost, flame antrochs, a demora, and a lowly skeleton swordsman was brought to bear.

The dragon didn't realize it was fighting a very ticked-off wizard.

The roars of anger reverberated over and over against the cave walls.      


The dragon tried one frantic burst of fire at me. Lucky for me, I saw it taking a deep breath, giving me a chance to generate a fireball spell of my own.

The blast was met mid-way between us both, and exploded harmlessly.    


It was time to end this battle. The dragon was weak, dazed, bleeding badly from the wounds caused by demora, clanfear, twilight and skeleton swordsman.

I approached the huge beast, blasting it with a poison air spell, then using my poison sword to finish it off.    

The dragon almost didn't want to die, holding on until the very last second, then fell to the ground with a huge thud that shook the entire cave.     


I almost could not believe my good fortune. "Laurenna, it's ok to come in now, it's dead!" I shouted.

Laurenna came in, amazed by the size of the creature, and even more amazed by the fact that there wasn't a scratch on me.    


The thing that really caught our attention was the huge pile of gold and jewels in the chest and on the floor near the back of the cave.

One has to wonder what a dragon needs with gold. It's not like he's going to the store to buy something with it. However, since this dragon was very, very dead, he was unable to satisfy my curiosity.

I took the dragon's heart, and it's body disappeared.

Laurenna and I gathered the gold and jewels and decided it was time to head back to Balmora and finish this quest for the spymaster. I also wanted to find out more about this "Illuminated Order" organization, which was located in the same town.    


We stopped off at Hla Oad and reported that the dragon was dead, that it would no longer be a problem for us here any longer. The villagers gave us their thanks, and we headed back to Balmora to complete this mission.