After what seemed like forever over the area, I finally found him, on one small island, trying to catch fish. He looked up at me, drawing a weapon, since, seeing a cliffracer heading your way is normally an attack waiting to happen.

Imagine his surprise when I didn't attack him, but simply settled near the ground, and broke the spell, changing back into my very handsome self.   


"Ah, a mage you are." he said, purring all the time, in true khajiit form. "What M'aiq do for you?" he continued.

"I have some questions for you, and a letter to give." I said, in a most commanding tone. This cat was thrilled to be given such important information for safekeeping.

"What about dragons?" I asked. "Oh, they fly very high," he said, "except for the ones that fly close to the ground, as you cannot see them because they are invisible."

I asked him about horses, and he said "Oh, M'aiq loves horses, especially when cooked with cream sauce."

When asked about a Lich, he said "Oh, you let M'aiq know where Lich is and M'aiq look the other way, ugly they are."

This creature was more amusing than Creeper.    


"Oh, and M'aiq knows of underwater shrine. Sunk, it is, near Hla Oad, shrine to god Boethiah it is, but underwater it is now, so only fish go there to worship."

I had to wonder how he gets this stuff, then remembered the letter I had to give him.

"Here is information, and it is very important that you keep it secret. Do you understand?" I said.

M'aiq looked honored that I would trust him with such important information (all lies except one), and said "Oh, M'aiq keep secret, not tell anyone. You know of drunken mudcrabs?"

I had a hard time not bursting out into laughter, but I found the information about this sunken shrine interesting. It was well known that buried among all of his lies, there is always one or two stories he tells that are true. I decided not to correct him about those so-called "invisible dragons."     


I no longer had the cottage in Caldera, so I had re-set my recall spell to arrive in front of Creeper, sold all the stuff I had to get rid of, then headed over to where Illwing Redwood was staying to discuss this dragon issue further.


"Ah, so the green dragon is dead and refused to give up any of his secrets, did he? That is very bad indeed."

"Do you have any more ideas as to what is going on with these dragons?" I asked.

"Well, I had heard a rumor from a traveler yesterday that there was another one spotted in Sadrith Mora, where the Telvani Council is located." he said. "The blue dragon, Snidzog, will be in that area. You have a stronghold near there, don't you?" "That is correct,." I said, "and I have a very strong steam centurion just begging for a fight with something." Illwing, frowned, and said "I'm not sure such a thing could conquer a dragon, as it appears that magic is best used here."

I agreed with him. So far, attempts to directly do battle with a dragon are a bad idea. Best to have a summoned creature do most of the fighting for you first. 


I sat down and ordered a drink. I thought for a moment that I might need a vacation, since Caius said to take a few days off.

Then I thought about it for a few minutes. No. Every vacation so far had been a mystery followed by a battle (except where one battle was followed by a wedding).


I thought about it for a while, then after purchasing some bread, I used the Balmora transport ring to arrive just outside my house. Before I went in, however, I went back to the 'other' door and down a million stairs.


After confirming that I had delivered the letter to M'aiq the Liar, Thuvien Demnevanni said he was happy with my work and that he'd have more duties for me later.

He was also interested to hear about the dragons in the area. When he found out that I was investigating their appearance, and had slain two of them, he was extremely impressed with my abilities.  


After finishing up my business, I returned home to Laurenna.

"What's for dinner?" I asked in an amusing manner?

"The Eight Plates." she replied. "I made reservations, and I'm all dressed up, and ready to go. Oh, and I like that robe."

We strolled over to the Eight Plates and had a great dinner, great drinks, and then headed back home to swap some more, um, war stories through the middle of the night.