Laurenna and I spent a rather quiet dinner at the Eight Plates that night, both feeling a little unnerved by the encounter we had with the sleeper on the way to dinner.

On the way home, Laurenna asked me a question: "Eldorf, do you think this has anything to do with the work you're doing for the spymaster?"

"I have to be honest with you," I replied, "I think it does. Many people here have reported bad dreams, all similar in nature, and even I had one as well, exactly as other people described it. I believe this 'dream' affects people, some, more than others."

"Strange," she replied, "I had lived in Lokken all my life, and never had such a dream."

I thought about it for a moment, then said "It would be interesting to check in a few surrounding communities to see if anyone else is having such dreams. You know, I can't recall anyone in Caldera mentioning bad dreams to me before - it's just here in Balmora."

"What about the book for the shrine we need to get?" she asked.

"Well, let's go to Vivic in the morning and check with Jobasha. He almost always has something of interesting in his store."    


That night, at about 4 am, Laurenna woke up screaming! She had the dream as well, the same one that I had. It took about 20 minutes to calm her down.  She was disturbed by the fact that someone or something was trying to intrude into her mind, her dreams, her sleep.

We both got up about 8 am and headed to the Mage's Guild for teleport to the guild offices in Vivic.

After our arrival, we headed into the lower sections of the Foreign Quarter canton and found Jobasha's Rare Books, and of course, Jobasha. 


"May you walk on warm sands." he purred. "What does Jobasha do forrrr you?"

I explained to him that we had found a sunken shrine, and that in order to re-build it, we'd need a book describing what a shrine should look like.

"Ah," he purred, "Jobasha has such a book, I check for you." He walked over to several of his bookshelves, and after a few moments, came back with a copy of one called "Boethiah's Glory". It was a fairly thick book, but Jobasha flipped through the pages quickly, pointing out the reason why he picked this one for me. 


Along with a lot of praise for some Daedra I had never heard of, there was, buried in the text, an illustration of what a shrine should look like. This was exactly what we needed. 


Before heading back to Caldera, I decided to check and see if anyone here had any rumors on strange happenings in the area. We headed to the "Black Shalk" corner club, sat down and ordered a drink, trying to blend in. 


I was told that one of the guys downstairs had something to say, so we headed in that direction and found a Nord there by the name of Raril Giral there.

"Oh, yeah," he said, "have you heard about this new secret cult, the Sixth House?" I said I had heard of it, but didn't know anything about it.

"Wow, you should hear this." he continued, "Strange people, they sit about in caves all day, cutting off pieces of their own flesh and eating it. It's that corprus disease, you know? It makes flesh grow wild and crazy. If you cut a piece of it off, they say it grows back bigger and better."

"What do the guards say about all of this? I asked.

"Bah," he spat, "the guards just say they're looking into it. The ordinators of this city are so tough, but give them something like this, and they clam right up."

I thanked him for his time and information. I thought about the dead body I had found in the Redoran sewers the other day - the one with the pedestal holding hunks of flesh on it. Probably a cult member that had been 'offering' his flesh to the Sixth House and died in the process. 


Laurenna and I used the Mage's Guild offices once again to teleport directly to Caldera.  After arriving, I realized I had forgotten to ask anyone if they had had any bad dreams recently in Vivic.  No matter, I'll be going there again shortly.

I did ask a few people in Caldera, and no one had reported bad dreams of any sort in the last month or so.

It was odd that this thing was specific to Balmora so far.


After going all the way to the third floor, we found Duma gro-Lag bashing away at a large rock he had carried up to his room, and we showed him the book we had found.

"Ah, this is good book!" he shouted, "Do not read the words, but it has pictures, and Duma can read pictures good!"

That was encouraging - an Ork that can read pictures.

"Duma find place to build shrine." he continued. "Call place Kartag Point. North of Gnaar Mok. You have 2000 gold?"

I gave him the 2000 gold and the book. Duma smiled (as much as an ork can) and said "You check at Kartag Point in few weeks time, many rocks for me to break and shape."

I patted him on the shoulder, and said if anyone could get the job done, it would be him, and I would check on it in a few weeks, as he said.


We headed back home, and I remembered that Illwing had mentioned the blue dragon on the eastern side of the island causing trouble.

I used the castle return spellscroll and picked up a number of items used for dragon fighting, some enchanted arrows, and my ring of armor, along with several potions to restore health and magick.

"You know," Laurenna said, "I have never seen your Telvani stronghold." I thought about it for a moment, and said "Well, I can teleport there in a second, but the ring only works for me. If you want to come along, we'll have to travel together. It's north of Molag Mar in the Molag Amur region, or south of the Dunmer stronghold Falensararo (which is closer). The place is Tel Uvirith. Let's see if Folms can teleport both of us to the Falensarano stronghold first, and if not, we'll have to get there via the long way from Molag Mar.

Laurenna agreed, and getting her armor sorted out, we headed out the door to find the 3rd dragon.