As expected, the dragon was home.

"Ah, welcome mortal. I see that not only have you found my lair, but you have also figured out the method to get up here."

As I looked around, I could see that, even though the floor was covered with a dark mist, there was several inches of water covering the surface. I could also see the bones of Snidzog's dinners just about everywhere.  


The dragon noticed my gaze. "As you can see," he continued, "I like the water much more than my brothers do."

"Yes, I did notice that. Bit unusual, I agree." I tried to sound as though I was having a normal conversation with him, since he seemed to be having one with me.

"Oh, I must thank you for your assistance." he said. "And what assistance is it that you speak of?" I asked.

Snidzog cocked his head, like a dog would, and replied "Well, Vvardenfell is a large island, lots of open spaces, wide coasts, plenty of hunting for a dragon my size, and now that you have killed off my two brothers, Akhekhu and Dakgorim, my own territory can grow. I will truly enjoy eating all humans between Sadrith Mora and Hla Oad."

The dragon reared up on his hind quarters stretching nearly to the top of the cave.

"Tell me, Snidzog," I said, trying to delay the eventual battle that would take place, "Why have you dragons come back? I thought you were all legends."

The dragon lowered himself to a crouching postion and said, "Ah, so not only are you a simple dragon hunter, but also a truth seeker." The dragon let out a hiss that sounded something like laughter, then continued. "Fool, but yes, I will tell you of our plan, as you will be dinner soon enough." The dragon paused, then added "Though I don't see you living much longer, I haven't spoken to anyone in a long time, and the only residents besides me are the bones of my prey, and they aren't too good for conversation."

The dragon strutted slowly across his side of the cave, as if measuring his thoughts carefully, then turned to me and said "So, human, you have caught me in a good mood. I am happy because I just finished eating a guard."

I gave the dragon a stern look, and then, as if to taunt me, the dragon added "Oh, did he scream before his demise." The dragon cocked his head again and added in a matter-of-fact tone "It makes the meat tender and pure, you know?"

"I can well imagine," I said, trying to contain myself. "but please, continue."

Snidzog took a more relazed posture, as if he was chatting with an old friend. He picked up a bone with his right paw, and started picking his teeth with it. "If you must know," he said, "we have awakened for a fate greater than you can imagine, for we will take back what is ours. You think you have done a great deed in defeating my brothers? Ha! Soon, other dragons will take their place."

"What is so special about Vvardenfell?" I asked. "Most of the land is bad because of the ashstorms caused by Red Mountain. What could possibly be so important here?"

The dragon looked as though it was shocked by my question. "Who is talking about Vvardenfell?" he asked. "I am speaking of Tamriel - yes, the entire empire, human!" He spoke in an angry tone now. "Those weak dragons of the empire allowed themselves to become slaves to the empire, slaves to creatures that are far inferior to us."

"Wait," I interupted, "dragons were actually involved in the building of the empire? I must confess, I thought those were fairy tails."

"Ha!" the dragon spat back, "we were ridden like horse creatures, when, in truth, we should have been the ones riding on the backs of you humans. We will make our position in the world as it was before. A new order will rise, where dragons will be the lords," Snidzog glared at me, "and you and your kind will be the slaves.

I pointed at Snidzog and stated "Then it would displease you, dragon, that these attacks that you have ordered on the cities have not gone as well as you think. Many people died, yes, but those that live on remain resolute in their desire to defeat you."

"Oh, you think so, do you?" Snidzog laughed. "But you have yet to find our true leader, Unthoiz, as he is master, and we follow his command. He seeks you out, you know, Eldorf Dragonmeal, but then again, I wouldn't worry about it, if I were you. I grow tired of this talk, and my hunger grows for more meat!"


After two previous conversations with dragons, I know when the chatting is done and it's time to fight.

I called up a golden saint, and ran over to the corner, out of the way.



While those two were fighting, I called up a storm antroch. Just in time, as well, since the dragon made short work of my golden saint.

The dragon let loose a blast of fire and shock at the storm guy, but only the fire hurt him, since storm antroch's are immune to shock.

Dragons, however, are not immune to shock.   


I used the enchanted glove "Aryon's Helper" and called forth several more creatures to do battle for me.

While watching the battle, I called forth even more creatures, until Snidzog was nearly exhaused. 


Snidzog was very tired after fighting off about 20 summoned creatures.

I took advantage of that fact by using my Ring of Weapons, bringing forth a chest plate, shield, and longsword, each of which had the weight of a feather.

Snidzog blasted me with fire and shock, but the effect was quickly countered by the two health restore potions I had just taken.

I stabbed at the dragon, over and over, dodging blow after blow of it's mighty claws. 


The dragon fell to the ground, hissing it's last breath. "You have won this battle, Dragonmeal, but you have not won the warrrrrrrrr......"

With that, the mighty blue dragon breathed it's last, and died.


For my lab collection, I collected the dragon's heart, then headed up to the stairs.

Such a pile of gold, rubies, saphires, and diamonds. I had to wonder what dragons do with all this gold?


I was disturbed by what Snidzog had told me; that there was a leader, and that their plan was to take over not just the province of Morrowind, but all of Tamriel.

I didn't like the idea of us all being food. Then again, nothing that is intelligent enough to know better EVER likes the idea of being food for something else.

I decided I had better let Illwing know what is going on and find out what to do next.


I left the cave only to find that my boat ride had left me there to fend for myself with the task of getting home.

While I knew the spell of water walking, I was in too much of a hurry for such a distance. 


Using a spell of transformation, I changed into a cliffracer, and headed south to Sadrith Mora.  


I arrived in Sadrith Mora, and changed back into my very handsome self.

I figured I should report to the Telvani Council chamber first, and let them know the Blue Dragon had been taken care of. 


Eddie the Man was happy to get my report about the death of the Blue Dragon, and assured me that I had the gratitude of the entire council.

I told him to keep me keep me informed of any new developments concerning the dragon problem, then used my stronghold teleport ring to return to my Stronghold, and my wife, Laurenna.  


"Eldorf, it's been days since I've seen you!" she said. "Where have you been all this time?"

I proceeded to explain the entire trip of trying to catch up with the boatman, finding the dragon's hideout, and so on.

"You know," I told her, "I've only had about an hour of sleep so far. Why not wait until tomorrow to head back to Balmora. I'll have to tell Illwing what happened."

Laurenna agreed.  Tomorrow would be another day.