Laurenna and I got an early start the next morning, heading back to the old Dunmer stronghold of Falensarano, in the south end of the Grazelands.

The trip was quiet, for once, hardly a rat in sight.  


Laurenna noticed a cliffracer overhead, and rather than wait for it to surprise us with an attack, we decided to surprise it instead.

I was so glad I had purchased that Fletcher's Kit so long ago, as those enchanted arrows came in very handy.

It was too bad that I couldn't make them more powerful against dragons, but arrows can only hold just so much of a charge.  


It wasn't long before we left the dead areas and arrived at the southern-most end of the Grazelands.

A bull-netch floated quietly over us near a tree, nibbling on whatever it is that they nibble on.  


Just a few yards away, the Dunmer stronghold of Falensarano loomed before us, and with it, a fast means of transport to Caldera.  


Upon our arrival in the Mage's Guild offices, we headed out to find Illwing Redwood, and tell him about the encounter with the Blue Dragon, and also about their leader, Unthoiz.

Naturally, it was raining, but not too badly.  


We arrived at the inn, and spoke to the innkeeper, Shenk.

"Eldorf the Wise, good to see you again. We don't see that much of you since your cottage was burned down. I'm glad to see you are well."

"Any word about what is happening?" I asked.

"Well," he replied, "word is that an even greater attack is about to be launched soon. I'm not sure if we can fend these dragons off any more. We're losing more guards with every attack."

"That is bad." I replied. "Is the old wizard still around? I don't see him."

Shenk frowned, and said "No, he left here about two days ago. He wanted me to tell you that he's gone to the Library of Vivic to investigate something that has to do with these dragons. He needs you to meet him there. You know, we are all worried about these attacks."

I patted him on the shoulder and replied "Well, with luck everything should be ok. I'm going to do everything I can to stop these attacks. We'll head to the Library of Vivic shortly. Thanks for the information, Shenk."   


We left the inn and noticed it had stopped raining, so instead of using the Mage's Guild transport, we decided to make the short trip to Balmora on foot.   


Upon our arrival, we both changed into something more comfortable. I decided it would be best if I teleported to Solstheim Castle and store the dragon's heart in my lab. I could also pick up more restore magick and health potions. while I was there.  


I placed the heart next to the two I already won.

I then pondered a worried thought about what the Blue Dragon had stated; that they were following the commands of a leader, that there were more dragons coming.

The fate of the empire not withstanding, just defending Vvardenfell took a decent amount of magick to defeat each dragon.

While I could manufacture a number of high-quality potions to restore both health and magick, eventually, I would run out of ingredients faster than they could be replaced.

This made it, indeed, a serious situation.   


I returned back to Caldera and told Laurenna of my thoughts.

"Do you think it would be wise for you to return to Lokken?" I asked her.

"What," she sounded shocked, "and miss all the excitement? You know I will never leave your side, you bearded old wizard." She smiled. "Besides, you tell great stories at night."

"I just hope I don't run out of stories, then." I replied.

Just then, we heard something at the door. I decided I'd better go find out what it was.   


I went down the stairs and found that a note had been slipped under the door. It was from Caius, the spymaster.

"Dear Eldorf, if you are done playing with dragons, I have a very important mission for you concerning your duties. Please see me at once."

It was unsigned, of course, but I knew who it was from.

I sighed and picked up the letter. As serious as they were, the dragons and Illwing would have to wait until I found out what Caius needed from me.

"Laurenna," I called out, "it's a note from Caius Cosades, says it's important. I'll go ask him what's up and be right back, ok?"

"Ok," she replied, "and I'll make you a little something to eat for when you return."

"Thank you!" I said, and headed out the door. She really is sweet.   


I slipped on an old shirt and pants and headed over to Caius' home.

His eyes were bloodshot from hours of smoking skooma. Poor guy, I thought. Hopefully, the emperor will never find out.

"Eldorf, I've thought it over and there are some people I need you to interview for me. All three of them live in Vivic. They have information concerning this Nerevarine cult and the Sixth House activities."

What a stroke of luck! I had to go to Vivic to see Illwing Redwood - I'll be able to kill two cliffracers with one arrow.

"I understand." I said, "Who are they?

"Well, first, speak with Addhiranirr. He's a Khajitt Thieves Guild operative. Second, I want you to speak with Huleeya, an Argonian that's associated with the Morag Tong. Finally, speak to someone by the name of Mehra Milo. She's a temple priestess. Each of them can tell you something about either the Nerevarine cult or the Sixth House cult."

"Vivic is pretty large." I replied. "How will I find the Argonian and the Khajitt?"

"Well," he said, "Addhiranirr will probably be found in the St. Olms canton. She won't be easy to find, but just ask around in St. Olms, and someone will usually point you in the right direction. I should caution you that residents there are easily offended, so a little courtesy, a little coin, a favor in the right place will do wonders for you."

"And the Argonian?" I asked.

"Huleeya is a Morag Tong assassin. You can find him slithering around in the Foreign Quarter. He is known around the city as a lover of books and old things. My sources tell me that he often hangs out at the Black Shalk Cornerclub."

He gave me a stern look. "Now, about Mehra Milo. She will be found in the libraries at the Hall of Wisdom and Justice.  This place is open to the pubic. Just walk around until you find her. Do NOT ask anyone at this hall about her. I don't want to draw attention ot the fact that she is talking to an outlander, even though you have earned a very high reputation in these parts, what with your status with two guilds and a great house. She is a good friend, and I don't want her to get into trouble."

"I understand. I promise I will be descrete."

"Good." he replied. "When you obtain the information from the, report back to me. That's all."   


I returned to Laurenna and told here of the mission to Vivic.

"Oh, that's great!" she said, "There's lots of clothing, and jewelery to be found there!"

Well, at least she wasn't upset.

With the end of the day, we decided to head off to bed and get an early start in the morning.