The next morning, I decided that it was time to search for that 4th and final dragon that Illwing had told me about back when we were at the library in Vivic.

"Are you sure you don't want me to come this time?" Laurenna asked.

"No, not this time." I replied "The area is full of islands, and to find this location may require lots of flying around from one island to another. I'll keep in touch with the wedding ring, however, and keep you informed of my progress."

Laurenna sighed until I added "Don't worry, this is something a wizard needs to do, and if this one has lots of jewels like the last 3 did, you'll be in for a treat." I winked at her, and she smiled.   


I went to the Mage's Guild offices and teleported to their offices in Caldera, where I met up with Folms Meril.

"Is there something I can help you with, Arch-mage?" he asked politely.

"I need to use this master index you provided to teleport me up to Dagon Fel." I said. "What's the closest dunmer teleportation device?"

He thought for a moment, then said "Ah, that would be Rotheram, on the southern part of the main island."   


With a loud sound of a thunderclap, I suddenly found myself in the teleport chamber of Rotheram.

I left the chamber and headed out into the wilderness of the island.

I had no idea where the dungeon called "Dagerloft" was located, other than the fact that it was up in this area, so this would be a very difficult search.   


The search provided much more difficult than I had thought possible. After walking the entire area, water-walking from one small island after another for the better part of the day, I became very angry that this was not going well.

I decided I might be able to spot something from the air that I might miss on the ground, so I used a spell that changed me into a cliff racer and flew all over the area, until the setting sun reminded me of just how tired I was becoming.   


I arrived in Dagon Fel just after sunset, and changed back into my very handsome self. I made my way to the End of the World Inn and rented a room for the night.

Using the wedding ring, I contacted Laurenna to tell her I was alright, and that my search was not going well. She wished me well and we said our goodnights.   


The very next morning, at the break of dawn, I headed back out as a cliff racer, determined to locate one simple door to some place I had not been to yet.

I flew across one island after another, finding one tomb or another, one smuggler's hideout after another, but no Dagerloft.

I was nearly ready to call it quits when I few over one small door on the northern face of an island. Had I not looked down at just that moment, I would have missed it.


I had finally found the entrance to Dagerloft.

Changing back into myself, I pushed against the door, only to have it resist my efforts. The door was blocked and would not open!

Could it be possible I was missing something?  I thought for a moment, then it occurred to me: The 3 dragon hearts I had captured earlier - perhaps that is what was needed.

Of course, they were in Solstheim Castle. 


In checking, I found I had remembered to bring the castle's "return scroll" with me. using it, I teleported back to the main hall of my castle, then headed up to my alchemy lab.

There, waiting patently for me, were the three dragon hearts I had won earlier.

Carefully, I tucked them away and, taking a few extra life-giving and magick-restoring potions with me, headed back to the door, and the long flight back to the Dagon Fel area.


I walked out of the castle, into a blinding blizzard. I could understand why cliff racers don't come up this far north.

I could have taken a boat to Dagon Fel, but I didn't wish to wait. Casting the transformation spell in the courtyard, I lifted off the ground and headed southeast.

The cold air was bitter, and a light coating of frost coated my leathery wings, making it difficult to fly very fast.

As I headed further to the south, the frost melted from my wings, and flying became easier. It would be only a short time, now, before I could find out about the lair of this 4th dragon.  


Once at the door, and inside the dungeon of Dagerloft, I found myself in a dimly-lit cavern. The fact that I found a torch a few yards down the way meant there's usually someone (or something) in here.  


It wasn't long before I was attacked. I wasn't surprised that I was attacked, but I was surprised at what attacked me: Golbins.

I had heard that these creatures were to be found mostly in the sewers of Mournhold (the capitol of Morrowind province), but this far north? That was unusual.

I shot off a spell of God's Fire, which usually makes quick work of just about anything.

The ignored the spell, completely resisting it.

I was glad I had put on the Ring of Weapons. The broadsword and shield came in handy, and made quick work of these nasty creatures.   


After encountering a few more goblins, I finally came across what appeared to be a young (baby?) dragon.

It saw me first, and immediately shot off a blast of fire at me, causing massive injury to me.

I used my Ring of Leaches, and the spell drained the dragon's life into myself, restoring my own health. I had to use 3 of those rings before it completely drained the dragon's life.

The creature dropped to the ground as a lifeless hulk.  


After checking the area, I found an urn near where the baby dragon fell.

The inside held the outline of a heart. On a hunch, I dropped one of the hearts into it, and the heart vanished into an orb of light, when then floated a few feet over the urn itself.

It didn't seem to do anything, but with two other hearts in my possession, I decided to see what would happen if all 3 of them were used in this manner.

It also occurred to me that I could expect to find a few more baby dragons near them.  


As expected, a second dragon was found after a short run through a huge maze of tunnels.

This urn did the same thing: the heart placed into it changed into a glowing orb, which also floated a few feet above the urn.  


After swimming under several yards of underwater tunnels, I found a third baby dragon. After it was also dead, I found, as expected, a third urn.

As the expected glowing orb floated to it's expected position several feet in the air, I could hear some kind of door open.

I had been to a number of areas inside this dungeon, but hearing a door open up let me know that now, there was a new area that I had not yet explored awaiting me.