I stepped through the door and into the caverns. The smell was almost unbearable. I had been in burial caverns before, but not like this. The walls were lit with an eerie green glow, the sounds of water dripping, and an odd sounding wind moaning along the walls.  


All along the walls of the entrance were stone pedestals, and upon several of them were the mummified remains of warriors that had long since passed from this world to the next.  


As I walked deeper into the entrance cavern, I could hear the sounds of rats in the distance ahead. My ears did not deceive me, as one of the filthy creatures jumped to attack.

It was met with a spell of poison air, and quickly passed on to the next world.   


Just ahead, I saw a skeleton warrior in my way. By the Daedric broadsword it was carrying, I could tell this was a revived legendary swordsman. There would be no way my sword skills could compare to such a creature.

As he ran to attack, I created a wall of fire before him. The creature streiked with either pain or anger, as it bashed itself into the flames, until it finally fell dead (again).  


As I ventured deeper into the cavern, I came across the remains of several warriors who had attempted to raid this place before.

Apparently, they had not been as lucky as I was. Still, it was a sobering thought that so many had tried before, and failed.  


I heard more noise up ahead, and readied my shortsword, anticipating trouble.

I was glad to see it was just another rat. The rat was not so happy to see me, and found itself joining its own ancestors.   


I found a large area of water, and made my way through it until coming to another cavern on my right.

All the while, the dead kept watch over me. It was an eerie feeling, seeing their 'eyes' follow me from every angle, waiting for a reason to attack, yet knowing that it was not their precious weapon I was after.  


In the next chamber, I found a huge waterfall, and surrounding it, was a rock bridge leading to several doors at several levels up into the mountainside.

I had to check each and every one of them. There were a number of skeleton warriors in each location, and it took several spells to rid myself of their interference.

In the upper-most chamber, I found another dead adventurer. Strange that he had made it this far, then fell due to some mistake in judgment on his part concerning the warrior that attacked him.   


A few steps ahead, I heard the sound of an ancestor ghost, and though I could not see him yet, I figured this must be the chamber I had been looking for.  


I walked around the chamber wall, and there, as expected, was the spirit of Sul-Senipul!   


As soon as the spirit saw me, he turned to attack.

My Dwemer jinxsword attempted to paralyze the wraith, but it did no good.  


The wraith shot spell after spell at me, but thanks to my astrological sign, I absorbed almost all of each spell it sent my way, adding to my own magicka. I returned the spells with some of my own, including my favorite, "God's Fire", which made quick work of the spirit, putting him to rest at last.

As the wraith was sent off to Oblivion, it left behind the one thing I was looking for: Bonebiter. All I had to do now was make it out of here safely, and I'd be accepted into the tribe.  


I walked into the camp with the bow proudly displayed in my hand.

The tribe members gasped in awe, knowing that bow could have come from only one place, and held by the spirit of one person.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself.  :)  


I went straight to Sul-Matuul's yurt and walked right in, bow in hand. Laurenna gave a shout, jumped up, and gave me a big hug and kiss when she saw I was still alive.

"I believe you were looking for this." I said, offering him the bow of his father. Sul-Matuul inspected the bow carefully, noting the engravings on it, the workmanship, and it's age. "This is indeed my father's Bonebiter Bow." he proclaimed. "You have completed the initiation rite. I name you Eldorf Dragonmeal, Clanfriend of the Ashlanders. Keep my father's bow, and bear it with honor. You and your wife are friends of the tribe, and may rest in any Urshilaku bed, but do not harm other tribe members, or take their things."

Sul-Matuul did a rare thing - he smiled. He then added "I will fulfill my other promise. Go, now, to the wise woman's yurt, and Nibani Macsa will examine you, and test you against the Nerevarine prophecies."  


Laurenna and I made our way to the wise woman's yurt.

Finally, at long last, the door to some answers was finally open to me.

"What is it you have to ask her about?" she asked.

I thought for a moment, then said, "It has to do with certain historical events, and, believe it or not, my possible involvement in them."

Laurenna looked at me with that 'what are you mixed up in now?' look, but I raised my hand up, adding "Let me ask her the questions I came to ask. Please, say nothing until we are done. This could either be something dreadfully important, or just a dead end as far as I'm concerned. None-the-less, I want you along to hear this. I believe I owe you that much, at least."

With that, we moved aside the cover to the door, and entered the yurt of the wise woman.  




Coming up:
Discussing important stuff
with the Wise Woman