Both, um, ah. . . .
. . . .um, yes, Laurenna and I slept with one eye open that night, considering the Sixth House attack upon me that evening. At least, the mystery of who had been scratching at the door lock was solved.  Personally, I would have preferred someone from the Thieve's Guild had been doing it.

Per Laurenna's direction, before leaving. . . .
. . . .Balmora, we headed to the local temple, where I purchased a blessing to rid myself of the other two blight diseases I had. One of them gave me a very bad smell. I had to do the blessing at least six times before it took hold, as my astrological sign caused me to simply absorb the spell instead of allowing it to cure me.  


We left the temple, and just by the big bug, we found the machine man...
"Primus Pilus"
...yes, him, we found him at the gate. He asked to join us on our trip out east. He seemed nice, so we invited him along.

Laurenna said we were going to find a cure for my problem.  


We passed the guy with the discerning eyes on the road out. He just snarled something about how someone will be driven out.

I hope he gets his eye problem fixed soon.  


I didn't remember that much about the trip, but it must have been some time after we left that the machine man tapped me on the shoulder, getting my attention. I must have blanked out.

"Eldorf!" said Laurenna, "It's getting late, and we're still a long way from the west coast. You've been mumbling to yourself for the past 2 hours about dreamers, and other strange stuff. We should stop for the night."

Night? I looked up at the sky. I saw nothing but reddish dust flying by.  


"But, what if the bad people attack again?" I asked.

"" said the machine man, standing in my face. "I...sound...alarm...if...trouble."

With that, we pitched a lovely tent, and bedded down for the night.  


We got up the next morning, and found that ...
"Primus Pilus!"
... Primus Pilus had found a flame person and killed it while we all slept.

Unfortunately, the attacker had left him in pretty bad shape, as he was making all kind of squeaking noises now, mostly from his knees.

We packed up the tent, and continued our trip east.  


We continued east for another few hours until we found a nice trail to the south. We decided to follow it for a short while, when suddenly a machine guard came to greet us. The machine man with us made a few beeping noises, and the machine guard stopped and bowed.

"Master...we...approach...your...stronghold." said Primus. "We...approach...Tel...Uvirith!"

The machine guard lead the way to my stronghold. It seemed happy to have me home.   


We made our way up the long branch to the front door.

Sara said that perhaps we should leave Primus here and tend to his repair work later.

I thought that was a good idea.  


We went inside and set the machine man...
"Primus Pilus!"
...yes, Primus Pilus in his usual spot to guard the front door. One of the centurions came over and started doing some repair work on his knees.

"Eldorf," said Sara, "We are only a short distance from the eastern shore. We don't we continue on?"

"Well," I said, "If you think it's a short walk, then let's go!" Travel is so much fun. I don't know why ...
... Laurenna keeps rolling her eyes to the sky all the time.  


We left and headed east to the shore, and made it by sundown.

We pitched the tent and ate some dinner that ...
{sigh} "LAURENNA" {rolling eyes to sky}
... yes, Laurenna brought with us.  


"Eldorf, listen to me." said .... Laurenna. "Sara and I will wait here for you. We are directly across the water from Tel Fyr. We are not going in there with you. You'll need to do the water-walking spell. Do you remember how?"

I looked at her strangely. "Water-walking spell? Well, I think so." I replied. "Where am I walking to?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes to the sky again, then pointed across the water to a huge .... oh, it looked like my own stronghold.  




The tower of Fyr. What an odd name for a plant.  


Well, I stood on the shore, cast a spell, and stepped into the water. I decided that water-walking was probably supposed to be wet, right? The girls were shouting something to be about keeping my head above the water while swimming.

I don't think the spell worked right, well maybe it was working by the time I got to the other shore, since I could feel something solid again and, oh, that was the shore I was walking on. Maybe I cast a shore-walking spell by mistake. It was hard to tell.  


The tower of Fyr, what an odd name...oh, wait, I already said that.

Yes, here I was, at the door to Tel Fyr. I remembered something about a Corprusarium in the lower levels, someone said I would love it there.

I decided to head inside and see if anyone was home.