I made my way through the dark tunnels, looking for the prison keep that I had been told about. The tunnels were lightly guarded, so I had to use the amulet of shadows again, each time the spell wore off. I simply stopped walking and let the guards march right past me.

Quite by accident, I came across the entrance to the prison keep, and noticed that the door was locked. The lock was not very complex, so I used the unlocking spell again, and the door gave way to the prison keep.   


The temple was holding a number of people here as punishment for their crimes against the temple.

There were guards everywhere. I had used the amulet of shadows a number of times already on this mission, so I would have to act quickly before it ran out of charge.  


Even though the amulet of shadows is a powerful spell, I remembered that I was not completely invisible, just 80%. I had to move quietly down the platforms and steps, which was difficult, since they made creaking noises as I stepped on them.

I froze as one of the guards heard a noise from my direction, directing his gaze at me. After a few seconds, he went back to working at his desk, assuming it was just the normal noises from the other guards in the room. The delay caused me to use yet another charge from my amulet.  


I finally made my way to the bottom of the steps. Now, it was just a matter of making my way to the right door without having any of the prisoners accidently bump into me, giving my position away to the guards.  


I finally arrived at the cell holding Mehra.

I didn't want the door to glow from the unlocking spell, so I used my grandmaster's lockpick and opened the lock. The lock gave up easier than a kwama forger against a god's fire spell.

I made sure the nearest guard was looking the other way, and quickly slipped inside the cell.  


Mehra was very happy to see me. "Eldorf! I thought you'd never make it! I see you found my note."

"What's the plan?" I asked.

"I'll need one Divine Intervention scroll myself for my escape plan." she said, taking one of the two scrolls I had on me. "Getting out will be a lot faster and safer for you if you have one as well, but if you haven't got one for yourself, maybe you can find some other way out."

I explained to her about my amulet of shadows, and getting out shouldn't be a problem for me.

"That's good." she said. "Now, here's the plan. I'll use the intervention scroll to escape. I'll meet you at the secret Dissident priests monastery located at Holamayan. For safety, we should travel seperately."

"Ok." I said. "What happens after that?"

"When you get out of here, look for a woman named Blatta Hateria on the east docks of Ebonheart. Tell her I sent you and that you want to go fishing. She'll bring you to Holamayan by boat. I'll meet you there, and we'll get the lost prophecies from Gilvas Barelo. He's the leader of the Dissident priests. Oh, and magic conceals the Holamayan entrance. Speak with Vevrana Aryon, a monk at the dock at Holamayan, about the hidden entrance."

"What exactly is Holamayan?" I asked. "I've never heard of it."

She snickered at me. "Well, it's a secret monastery of the Dissident priests. If everyone had heard about it, it wouldn't be secret, would it? Anyway, the monastery itself is beneath the surface of a remote island along Azura's Coast. The shield for the door only opens at dawn and dusk, the magical twlight hours sacred to Azura."

"They'll have the lost prophecies there?" I asked.

"Yes, they will. We can't talk about it now, but in the 'Apographa' - the hidden teachings of the Temple - there are several extensive references to 'lost prophecies' - prophecies no longer current among the Ashlanders, but recorded by earlier Temple pilgrims and scholars. And I think you'll find what you're looking for in the libraries of Holamayan."

"Very well, then." I said, "I'll meet you there. Is it ok if I bring my wife?"

"Yes, of course, as long as she doesn't give the location away. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must fly."

With that, she activated the scroll and teleported to the nearest shrine. I activated the amulet of shadows and left the cell, and quietly made my way back to the door where I left Laurenna.    


I made my way back to the door I first entered the Ministry of Truth, and only had 3 or 4 more uses of the amulet left by the time I made it out of the front door.

"I was wondering what happened to you." said Laurenna, as I appeared before her. "Did you succeed?"

"Yes, of course." I replied. "But now, we must head for Balmora, and a change of clothes. We're going on a boat ride from Ebonhart.   


Using levitation spells again, Laurenna and I made our way quietly down to the Hall of Justice building, then headed back to the Mage's Guild offices.

I wasn't sure if we were going to encounter trouble getting to Ebonhart or not. Someone bring food to Mehra would notice that she wasn't in her cell anymore and sound the alarm, so we had at least that long to get out of the area. At least, none of the guards had seen me, so they wouldn't know I was responsible for freeing her.

Stealth and cunning definitely has it's uses.