Laurenna and I headed south until we hit a mountain range that nudged us to the east, until we eventually came to another old Dunmer stronghold called Falasmaryon. We could have used it to transport back to Caldera, but I was interested in at least seeing a part of this Ghostfence I had heard so much about. According to everyone I had talked to about it, the thing was a huge magic fence put up by the Tribunal in an effort to contain the blighted creatures coming out of the Red Mountain region, as well as holding in Dagoth Ur.

After passing by the stronghold, we found a pass that continued south. My eyes wandered to the right and left, awed by the devastation caused by Red Mountain after all these years. The ash almost felt like sand under my shoes, alternately crunching and sloshing under my feet.  


We encountered a number of blighted creatures along the way, mostly kagoti and cliffracers, all with a number of diseases. It was as if the entire region wanted to just lay down and die, but lingered for some reason. Creatures still lived here, somehow managing to eak out some sort of existence, as did the Ashlander peoples, but just about every creature we came across had been marked by the sickness of Red Mountain.

I could see why there would be a need for a Ghostfence.  


It was nearly one our after we left the camp that Laurenna first heard some type of throbbing noise. I heard it as well. Then, out of the haze, we saw the top of one of the spires.

We had reached the northern edge of the Ghostfence.   


We stepped closer to the edge. The angle of the climb was such that we couldn't get much closer to it in this direction. Still, it was an awesome sight. I shuddered to think at the amount of raw power it required to keep it operating like this.  


We climbed around a small pathway, and found ourselves face to face with a wall of energy.

Casting caution aside, I stepped up to it, reached out and touched it. It felt cold, solid, and realized I had something like this in my Solstheim Castle alchemy lab and menagerie - a magical barrier that you could not get through.

I looked through the wall. The pathway we were on was cut in two by the fence, but it appeared to have another pathway on the other side. Yet, even though I could have levitated over this barrier easily, I felt it was not yet time to go into this dark, and apparently sick, part of Vvardenfell. There would be time for that later.   


We climbed back down and followed the wall a short way to the west, then south again.

I heard a cooing sound to the right, and realized were we were - within spitting distance of Maar Gan. I knew it was close to Ghostfence, but never realized just exactly how close it was until now.

We decided we had enough sightseeing for a while and decided to take the stiltstrider back to Balmora.   


It was late when we got to Balmora, so we both headed to the house for a good nights sleep.

I told Laurenna to keep the armor and sword ready. Tomorrow, we're hunting for a Sixth-House base.

I was tired of these midnight attacks.