I was almost disappointed that there was no attack during the night. I figured the Sixth House had more important things to do that evening. Nevertheless, we got up the next morning, and after a few kwama eggs, headed out to the east. There was a foyada near Fort Moonmoth that one had to briefly traverse if heading to points south and east of this area. Since the Sixth House liked good hiding places, that would be a good place to start.  


Just before we hit the fort, that same dreamer that said he wasn't looking for trouble, found trouble.

"False one!" he shouted, "Your flesh will feed us all!!"

I figured the direct approach was the best.

"Where is your base?" I demanded. "I have need to speak with your master."

"Why should I tell the likes of you?" he replied, spitting at the ground.   


Why I try to be nice to certain people, I don't know.

"You should learn manners." I said.

"You can teach nothing - you will be dead soon." came his reply.

"Well, I have had just about enough of you." I said, "You couldn't harm a fly." He growled at me, pulling out a spiked club.

I mentioned something about his mother, and that was it. He took a swing at me with his club, which I easily deflected with my shield. One swing of the broadsword, and his fight was over. Laurenna didn't even have to draw her own sword.   


We finally made it to the foyada. I looked at the signpost: Ghostgate to the left, Pelagiad and Vivic to the right. Of course, the way out was just a few steps to the right.

Laurenna made a suggestion: "Eldorf, since the foyada only goes for a short distance to the south, why don't we follow it to the end first, then work our way back north?"

That was a good idea. That way, we'd be able to make certain we hadn't missed anything from one end to the other. Of course, I didn't know if the base was even in the foyada to begin with, but I didn't remember seeing any cave doors between Balmora and Caldera, and this might be the most likely place it would be found.   


We headed south in the foyada, finding only a kagoti and a few rats along the way. We were nearly at the southern-most end of it and ready to turn back when I noticed a door to my right.   


It was the entrance to a place called "Hassour".

"Laurenna, you have that Daedric bow and those fire-damage arrows I gave you?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied, "right here."

"Good - I want you to stay behind me and use your marksmanship skills. I may be throwing a lot of destruction spells out there, and I don't want you hit by accident, ok?"

Laurenna nodded the affirmative, and with my belt of night-eye on, we headed into Hassour.  


The inside of the cave glowed dark and red. This was definitely a Sixth House base. We were almost immediately set upon by an ash-slave. He cast a shock spell in our direction.

I shouted to Laurenna to get behind me. I absorbed most of the spell, but it injured me none-the-less.

I used one of my homemade shock-shield potions. The next shock spell was both absorbed and shielded from me. Laurenna hit it twice with her fire-damage arrows. I ran towards the creature and finished it off.  


A few moments later, an ash-ghoul attacked, again, with shock spells. I used a ring of bones I had made to summon a bonelord and greater bonewalker to deal with it. After a few attacks, the bonelord died off, but the bonewalker continued casting it's weakness curses at the ghoul. All the while, Laurenna was hitting the creature with those fire-damage arrows.

I finally let the ash-ghoul have it with my Ring of Leaches, which sucked the very life out of it.  


A short walk later, we encountered a few crazed dreamers, cult followers of this house. Nude as the day they were born, and attacking with clubs against a wizard and a fully-armed Nord.

Cult followers aren't too smart, it seems.   


Deeper in the cave, we encountered an ascended sleeper. It was too huge to make it's way past the rock in front of it, but it still sent a blast of poison air my way.

I dodged the attack, and shot back with Medusa's Gaze, freezing the creature in it's tracks, followed quickly by the spell of God's Fire.   


The blast enveloped the creature, flames bursting everywhere from it. I noticed something whizzing past my ears - it was Laurenna, hitting it with her own arrows, every single one hitting it's mark.

The creature fell to the floor, passing into oblivion, leaving only it's deformed skull behind.

I gathered up the remaining alchemy ingredients from it's remains, and we continued into the cave. It was time to clean house, and the cleaning crew is in town.