One after the other, Sixth House creatures fell before our onslaught.

We found a deeper part of the cave, and fought our way down there as well.

One ash-zombie came from behind, attacking Laurenna, but her broadsword made short work of it. After using a healing spell, we were both ready to continue clearing out this hole.  


One of the caves lead to a lava flow, so we headed back the way we came. After circling around via another tunnel, we heard "You shall DIE!" following by a view of an ash-ghoul running in our direction. I shot a spell of Medusa's Gaze at it, but missed. The second shot caught the creature in mid-stride. Laurenna starting shooting arrows at it.  


Laurenna hit the thing with 3 arrows, and I shot off a spell of God's Fire at it. 5 seconds later, and the creature fell dead to the floor.  


Upon closer inspection, we determined it's name as Dagoth Fovon, the priest of this base.

I pushed the body into the lava, and watched it hiss and burn, eventually dissolving into nothing.  


Once past the lava flow, we headed up the stairs to see what he had been busy doing. We found an altar with some odd-looking statue in the middle of it.  


We found a few trunks and chests with some nick-nacks in them, but the trough near the altar held my interest.

It was full of hunks of corprus flesh that had been taken from victims of that dreaded disease.  


I wondered, almost out loud, if they were gathering this to use as a food source, or were they using it for some other, more deadly and sinister, purpose.

I checked the alchemy properties of these things, and determined I could make nothing useful from them. They would stay right where they are. If Dagoth Ur was to obtain them, he'd have to send his own people to pick them up.   


It had been a long day, but with the Sixth House base severely spanked, I felt I'd have a good night's sleep for once.

Laurenna and I headed back to Balmora and determined that we'd have a good dinner and then tell each other some good war stories that night.   


After dumping some of the weapons we had found, and repairing Laurenna's armor, we headed back to our home. Suddenly, one of those people who had shouted at me about Dagoth Ur, Llandras Belaal, came up to me. I was ready for a fight, but instead of shouting about the Sixth House, he shook my hand.  


"I feel as though I've just awakened from a dream... a terrible dream of the Sixth House." he said.

"There was a Sixth House base nearby." I said. "Laurenna and I just cleared the creatures from it, including the dream-sender priest in it."

"You mean, I was under a spell? A curse?" he replied, eyes wide with surprise." He looked sad. "What have I done? Nothing bad, I hope. Oh, but I haven't thanked you. Please forgive me. I have nothing to offer you but my thanks."

"Glad to be of service." I replied.

As he turned to head to his home, he shouted "Oh, and I will tell everyone I know how you saved me life."

Ah, a job well done, a pat on the back. I looked at Laurenna. She had a cat-that-ate-a bird look on her face. I could tell she was pleased with the day's work as well.  




We had a good night's sleep that night, not having to worry about the attacks from the cult base anymore.

The next morning, I felt one of my amulets bothering me. I was the one given to me by a member of the Illuminated Order, the vampire living in the basement of the Molag-Mar canton. Apparently, he had an urgent need for my attention.

Since this was a very secret order, I hadn't told Laurenna about it yet. I put on a clean robe and told her I was off to do some alchemy work, and would return later.