I gently touched down a short distance from the Ghostfence and changed back into my very handsome self. I wrinkled my nose at the smell - rotting flesh, probably from creatures full of blight disease or victims of corprus that were wandering around on the other side of the fence.


I had landed just east of the reported location of the Ghostgate, so I knew I was in the right area. I headed up the foyada towards the barrier. As I approached, the ashstorm started to get even more powerful, as if it wanted to resist my coming closer to it's source.   


I saw the entrance to the cavern I needed to go into, but for a moment, I just had to go up to the fence itself, and look through the wall of energy. I could see through to the other side, but it certainly didn't look very different from the side I was on.

In the distance, I could make out a few shapes, things walking in the distance, but I couldn't make out exactly what they were.

Again, there would be time for that later. I decided to continue on with my mission.   


I turned and faced the entrance to Sharapli.

I couldn't help think why anyone would build anything this close to such an awful place.

Then again, why would anyone create a pool of forgetfulness?  


Almost as soon as the door closed behind me, I was struck by a shock spell. It was a Sixth House base, and an ash slave was tossing spells in my direction.

I used one of my homemade shock resist potions, and shot off a spell of God's Fire at him.

It turned out that I had the more powerful spell.   


I found a number of Sixth House creatures in this cavern, all desperate to keep their prized possession safe from intruders: a trough of corprus flesh, freshly harvested, and waiting for pick-up for whatever reason they needed it to be preserved.

The smell was nearly overpowering.   


I saw something in the shadows nearby, and turned to attack.

Then, in the dim light, I could see it was just another one of those odd-looking statues that adorns these places.

Around it, on it's altar, were hunks of corprus flesh as an offering. What was it, with the Sixth House, and it's obsession with corprus flesh?   


I ventured deeper into the cave until I came upon a lava flow with several steam vents nearby. There was a rock path leading down to another section of the cave, so I decided to see where it lead. I had to tread carefully, as I didn't want to fall into the pool of lava just below.

The heat from the lava pit was so hot that I nearly passed out from the heat.   


Just a short distance past the lava pool, I found another, larger cavern, and I could hear the sound of rushing water coming from up ahead. The sound grew louder as I approached.

As I entered the cavern, I could see a pool of water ahead of me.   


There was no other pool of water here, so this had to be it. I supposed I could have tested it myself to make sure this was the right thing, but if I was right, I would forget what I came here for.

I uncorked the flask I had been given, and filled it with water from this so-called Pool of Forgetfulness.

Once it was full, I used the Blood Servant amulet to teleport myself back to Molag Mar, and headed right to the quarters of Ulms Drathen.  


This was going to be one of those stealthy situations for me. Ulms Drathen was in his room, as far as I could tell. There was a member of his group just outside the room.

I used the Amulet of Shadows and quietly went to his door, pushed it open, and stepped inside.   


I saw the container I needed to put the water in, but I had to wait for him to walk out of his room, otherwise he'd see something go into his water jar.

I had to keep using the Amulet of Shadows over and over, and it would eventually run out of charge if he didn't leave soon.

Suddenly, someone down the hall shouted. It was a prisoner shouting something nasty at Ulms Drathen.

He ran out of the room and down the hall to chastise the prisoner, and when he did, I shut the door behind him.

Quickly, I poured the water from the flask into his pitcher. Mission accomplished, I used the Servant of Blood amulet to teleport me directly to the lair of Decius Mus located in the very same building.