The next morning, we headed straight to the Mage's Guild offices in Balmora, and teleported directly to their offices in Sadrith Mora.

We asked where the offices of the Bank of Vvardenfell were located, received the information, and headed out to buy a home here.  


It turns out that the bank was just a short walk from the bridge from Wolverine Hall. It was still misty and foggy out as the sun was just coming up over the horizon.   


The nice Argonian helped with the paperwork, and when it was all over, we had purchased a modest little place to call our own here in town called "Noble Manor".

"Yesssss, you like." hissed the Argonian. "It wasssss grown recently, ssssmell fressssh as new mossss insssside."  


I paid the money, got the papers, and we headed out the door to our new home.

It certainly did look freshly grown.

We tried the key, and it worked perfectly.  


"Well, it certainly isn't as big as your stronghold," said Laurenna, "but it'll do as a nice place to stay while we're here."

"Yes, I agree." I said. "The important thing is that we won't have to constantly bounce back and forth between here and Balmora while I conduct my business with the council. Which reminds me, I should head over there and see what is going on. Can you handle things here until I return?"

"Sure thing." she replied, "Just be back in time for dinner. I'll see what they have here that I can put together for us."

I promised I'd be back in time for dinner    


Once we had things settled, I headed out to the boat docks. I was told the secret entrance I needed to use was underwater, and between the boat dock and the council chambers.   


Well, he did say it was underwater. I put on my belt of fishgills, something I had enchanted for me some time ago, and walked into the bay.    


After about 5 minutes of swimming around in the bay, I came across a small door hidden in the side of a cave. I used the key I had been given, and the door opened as easily as could be.   


I was very glad the belt I was using gave me constant water-breathing ability. There were no air pockets in here at all, and the cave seemed to go on forever. Only a fish or Argonian could stay down this long.

The cave had a number of twists and turns in it, and I lost my way once or twice, but thanks to the glowing plants here, I was able to get on the correct path again.  


After what seemed like hours, I came across an odd structure in the cave. It was Dwemer in design, but definitely seemed out of place here.  


Never before had I seen such a device. Bubbles rose constantly from the top of the sphere. I could see lights from inside, but the glass was not clear enough to see inside very well. The odd thing is that it appeared to have the ability to move about. Of course, a look around the cave showed no way this thing could ever leave, as the tunnel I came through was too narrow for this thing to fit.  


I swam to the airlock and used the rod I had been given, working it as if it were a key. It opened the door for me, and I went inside this strange device, wondering what sights would greet me on the other side.  


Once inside, I was able to get the water level down to a manageable level, and found yet another huge door waiting for me.


Once past the second door, I had a quick look around. The place was full of machinery, turning gears, pumps, steam leaking from pipes (typical for Dwemer devices), and a window for looking out into the undersea depths.

I found a door, but it was locked, and nothing could unlock it. Giving up on it, I decided to head to the upper sections of the device.   


Finally, in a room full of crystals pulsing with energy, I found the next link in this mysterious Illuminated Order: Romana Corvus.   


"Welcome to Barataria, Eldorf." she said. "I've been hearing good things about you. Get yourself settled in, and let me know when you're ready. There's an assignment I've got here that has your name written all over it."

Oh, good; I haven't even had a chance to dry my robes off and already we start with the work.