Romana was waiting for me the next morning, eager to give me my next assignment.

"Remember that Dwarven bone you recovered for our friendly vampire?" she asked. "Well, we've been chatting with it's spirit, and we've learned something remarkable. There appears to be a copy of the plans for Anumidium in Vvardenfell."

"Hmm," I replied, "the term sounds familiar, historical thing, right?"

"Very historical." she replied. "And dangerous. With a mere copy of Anumidium, Tiber Septim was able to forge an empire. Second Numidium was equally as far reaching in it's effects. The Order must have those plans. We cannot allow anyone else to possess them. According to the Dwemer spirit, they are kept in a small shrine in the depths of the Dwarven edifice of Mzahnch, located in the Bal Fell region. That will be located east of Vivic. Find and return these plans here."

Romana marked the location on a small map to give me an idea of where I was to go. I took my leave and headed straight back to our quarters in Sadrith Mora.   


Laurenna was startled to see me back so soon. "Is your business done here already?" she asked.

"No, but how would you like to go on an adventure with me?" I replied.

I didn't have to ask twice. I could tell she had been bored staying at home all the time.  


In no more then 10 minutes, we were both ready to head out. We stopped by the boat docks and bought passage to the boat docks of Vivic.   


With just one stop in Tel Branora to change boats, we arrived at the Vivic boat docks after sundown.

Neither of us were tired, as we had a pleasant and restful journey all the way there.  


Leaving the boat dock, we headed north a few yards to a small wooden bridge, and crossed to the east towards our destination. In the distance, I could see a Dunmer male standing around, as if he was lost. I decided to ask him what he was doing out here, alone in the dark.  


"Sir," I asked, approaching with a friendly voice, eager to be of assistance, "what are you doing out here by yourself? Is there something we can do to help?"

The Dunmer turned, and glared at me.    


"You have betrayed Lord Dagoth." came the evil-sounding reply. "Taste his vengeance."

"Yes, I've tasted that already." I replied. "I'd say it needs a little more salt, maybe some peppers, too."

The dreamer didn't know what to say. We left him, but checked over my shoulder for a few paces to make sure he wasn't following us.   


We left the sight of the dreamer and continued east towards our destination. In the distance, we could hear the cooing sound of a stiltstrider in the distance, grazing on tree leaves.   


We continued past the strider, and in the distance we could hear the gentle lapping of water upon a shore. We were coming to the edge of the land.

Above us, the sky was illuminated gently by Masser and it's little brother, Secunda, always trying to catch up with it's big brother.  


Checking the rough map I had been given, we figured it was either swim or water-walk. Deciding not to get everything wet, we both decided to cast a water-walk spell, and ran across the surface of the water until we arrived at a small island.

This was it - we had finally arrived at Mzahnch.

Now, to find the door, and get inside this place.   


We each cast a levitation spell and floated around the stronghold until Laurenna finally spotted the entrance.

Touching down, I readied my ring of weapons, bringing forth a chestplate, shield, and broadsword, each of which as strong as the most powerful metals, yet as light as a feather.

I took a deep breath, and pushed the old iron door aside, hearing it squeal in anger at being disturbed at this late hour.