The next morning I headed off to see Romana and hand her the plans for Anumidium that we had recovered. Needless-to-say, she was somewhat overjoyed to retrieve it.

"Astounding!" she exclaimed. "I can hardly believe my eyes. How such a treasure such as this could have gone undiscovered all these years...and all thanks to that Dwarven bone you retrieved."

She gave me a promotion in the ranks of the order, then told me of my next mission.

It had to do with a letter of false rumors I had brought to M'aiq the Liar earlier. One of those rumors involved an island that rose from the ocean depths. It turns out that it was mostly true. The island did actually rise from the ocean several decades ago, and in a different location than rumor had stated, then sank again in short order. It seems it had reappeared, and this was something I would have to investigate.

"What is so important about this island?" I asked.

"Decades ago, an island surface from the ocean's depths." she replied. "It was covered with structures that appeared Daedric, but the angles, the geometry of the place, was, well, wrong. There is no other word for it. The Order's founder, a man called Imaginos, went to investigate. He never returned. Now, we grew worried, and sought news of him by magical means. What we learned was that he had been to the island, recovered an engraved tablet, and set off to the nearby Dreugh Colony of Imboca."

"Wait." I said, "Dreugh have colonies?"

"Yes," she replied, "and it will have to do with your investigation. You see, he died - that much we were able to confirm, but not the specifics of it. The island submerged itself beneath the waves soon afterwards and we thought we were done with it. That is why, when we assembled disinformation for M'aiq, it was included, although we did lie about it's location. The island is not actually north of Dagon Fel. It's actually north of Khuul and the Urshilaku Camp."

She made a small, rough map for me to show it's approximate location.

"The island that we thought we would never see again has resurfaced. We're dispatching you to investigate. Seek the island and the structure upon it, learn from it what you can. However, we also want you to seek out the fate of Imaginos. Return to us with his remains, with the tablet he carried away from the island, and if possible, his journal. You will most likely find all three within the wreck of his ship, the Plutonia, located just northwest of the island. If they're not there, however, you will need to scour the Dreugh colony for them."

"Good thing I have this Belt of Fishgills." I replied, "Seems like I'll be doing a lot of swimming."   


A quick use of my recall spell put me in Caldera. Just a short walk away, the Mage's Guild offices, and a quick ride to the northern parts of the island of Vvardenfell.  


A quick chat with Folms Meril confirmed that the closest Dunmer stronghold I needed using the Master Index would be the one called Valenyaron.   


One very loud thunderclap later found me in the Propylon chamber of Valenyaron.

I let my eyes adjust to the dim lights, then made my way to the door.  


Once outside, I pointed myself in the proper direction, and deciding not to take forever to get there, changed into a cliffracer.   


Once past the Ashlander camp, the same one I'll have to go back to later, I turned out to sea, and eventually found the odd shrine I was looking for. Romana was correct in stating that it was Daedric, but yet some elements were missing.   


I decided to scout around the area before changing back to human form. Just past the shrine, I could see the Dreugh colony I had been told about.

I could also see several Dreugh swimming about nearby. I figured if I jumped into the water, I'd have an immediate fight on my hands. One of these creatures is dangerous. Ten of them is just out of the question.   


Suddenly, under the murky seawater, something caught my eye. It was the wreck of the Plutonia. Well, at least now I'd know where it was located.

Like the colony, it was also guarded by several Dreugh.   


I decided I would investigate the shrine first, then the ship, and if necessary, the colony.

I touched down as lightly as possible, and changed back into my very handsome self.  


Not knowing what might be inside this place, I put on my Ring of Weapons, arming myself, and stepped inside. 


Purple lighting. I had never seen this much purple light glowing inside a shrine such as this before. I could hear something that sounded like a propylon chamber inside, and there was a charge of energy ahead that I could actually feel.   


Slowly, I crept down the stairs, towards the source of this purple light.

There, in the main chamber, I was greeted by a sight I had never seen before.   


There, in the center chamber was a raised area, enclosed by a field of energy. Inside of that was a propylon chamber, but without the usual post in the center, and without the usual crystals that are normally located above them.

Floating about, in the air, were two large creatures with very large, sharp teeth.

I wasn't certain if these creatures were to kill anything coming INTO the chamber, or if they were to keep anyone from leaving via the chamber.

On the floor, I found a note. It read:

"These wards were erected by great effort. Do nothing to weaken them, lest you face Those who should remain Outside."

It was signed by Imaginos.

I decided to leave the chamber alone. If someone as powerful has Imaginos had set this up, he probably did so with good reason to guard it.