My mission was to meet with a real lich, and query him about the possibilities of becoming such a creature. I spoke with the argonian, Eats Crow, and he teleported me back to the shores of Khuul. I arrived behind a shack, out of sight of the local population.

I had never truly considered the possibility of such a thing, becoming an un-dead sorcerer of powerful magicks. I had seen these creatures before, and found them difficult to defeat. But actually becoming such a thing - I wasn't sure how to take it. However, my curiosity got the better of me, and decided to find out what I could from this strange creature.    


The tomb I needed to search for was near Tel Branora, with no fast means of travel there. I resigned myself to a long trip and took the boat from the docks first down the Western side and then the Southern side of Vvardenfell.

It was very late when I finally arrived, and I decided I had better go to the tradehouse and rent a room for the night.  


At the tradehouse, I asked for a room, gave her the 10 gold pieces, and headed down to the room.

Upon finding the bed, I fell into it, closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep within moments.

I don't remember if I had any dreams or not.  


The next morning found me up bright and early, heading to the shore. I was told the place I was looking for was on a small island just west of Tel Branora. Changing to a mist, I floated over the pristine waters to the only possible location that might hold the tomb I needed to explore.   


I checked several areas of this small piece of rock sticking out of the water until I came across an entrance facing west. I had finally found the entrance to Drynne's residence.  


After putting on several enchanted rings, amulet, and my belt of night-eye, I headed through the door. Once inside, I was almost overcome with a sense of dread, of a nearly suffocating feeling of evil about this place.

I felt the lode-stone I had been given to ward off evil still sitting in my pocket, and taking a deep breath, decided to forge ahead and see this quest through.

A short walk down and around a corridor, I found a closed door, and sensed some sort of entity on the other side.    


I entered the room, and looked around. It seemed peaceful, as if nothing was there.

Suddenly, there was a noise to my right. Almost invisible, it was an ancient bonelord, much more powerful than an ordinary bonelord. It sent a fireball spell at me. I absorbed most of the effect, and fired off a spell of Medusa's Gaze in return.


My spell had no effect, but I shot off a second spell, and this time, the creature froze in place.

Quickly, knowing I did not have much time, I sent off a spell of God's Fire, followed by a spell of Lightning Storm, and yet another spell of Medusa's Gaze before the first one wore off.    


Twice more, I hit the bonelord with the lightning storm spell.  Just as the Medusa's Gaze spell wore off, I hit it yet again with another God's Fire spell, the blast lighting up the room with an erie glow.

The bonelord had had enough, and fell to the floor in pieces.   


Upon entering the next room, I was charged by a revived ledgendary swordsman, a skeleton that would be impossible for me to defeat by anything less than magick.

I dodged it's first attack and responded with Medusa's Gaze, freezing the collection of bones in it's tracks.

One shot of God's Fire took the life out of it.   


I found another door and went inside. This next room was a very long tunnel, heading down in a spiral. Like the rooms before it, there was this sense of death, doom, dispar, dread, and just plain un-easyness. The best way to describe it would be a place of yucky feelings. I knew it was a spell doing this, and was glad I had that lode-stone with me to ward off this desire to turn and flee.  


On my way down the spiral walkway, I came across several sets of heads.

The creepy thing was, they all seemed to be talking, but not really.

Yet, I could hear voices, everywhere, and nowhere.

I decided to leave them to their disembodied conversations and continue on with my journey.   


After what seemed like going in a circle forever, I saw a red light up ahead. I had finally reached the end of this spiral, and was glad - I was starting to get dizzy.   


I entered a huge chamber. I noticed what looked like a walkway above me, and stairs up ahead. There were tapestries hung everywhere.

One thing I did notice was that feeling of pure evil, that sense you get when something might be behind you, about to attack, was getting stronger. I looked behind me, to make sure, and found nothing there.

And yet, there was still that feeling.....    


Sensing something in the room, I checked it as quietly as possible. Around the set of steps, I came across a group of urns.

I decided to see what was inside of them.  I never got the chance to open them.

As I approached the group of urns, I heard a ghostly chuckle coming from behind me.