I turned and found myself only 10 yards away from a lich.

"You invade our space." I heard in my head.

"Now, you die."   


Instantly, the lesser lich began forming a spell at it's boney fingertips.

I used a spell of my own to form a shield around myself.


A second lesser lich made it's way down the stairs.

"Let me kill it."

"No." came the response.

"Let us BOTH kill it and eat it's flesh."

"I wish first bite, then." came the reply.

Oh, good, now they're fighting over me like a couple of school kids.


"You think this barrior will protect you?"

"It'll do." I replied.

"Then feel just a taste of our power before you die."

 At that moment, each of these lesser liches sent forth what looked like a small, ordinary spell.  


The spell made it's way across the short distance faster than I though it would. It was a fire spell, and the effect went right through me. Lucky for me, I tend to absorb most of the energy of just about every spell thrown at me.

Still, this one hurt.     


Quickly, I responsed with Medusa's Gaze, hitting one of the lich's head-on, freezing it in it's tracks. The other lich was preparing another spell, just as I sent a Medusa's spell in it's direction. The two spells met mid-way between us, blasting each other out in a shower of sparks and arcane energy.

The second lich started to do his spell again, but I hit him with a spell of God's Frost, followed by God's Fire. The two spells worked with each other, killing the lich quickly.

I turned to the first lich and hit him with the same frost spell, then adding God's Fire as well, reducing it to a dead pile of bones in moments.   


The result was two dead un-dead lichs.   


I decided to investigate the upper section, and headed to the stairs after performing a healing spell on myself.

Suddenly, there was another attack! It was a third lich, guarding the upper part of the room.

Another spell of Medusa's Gaze, followed by two shots of God's Fire put the creature on the fast track to Oblivion.  


Once at the top of the stairs, I found a few mummys near a large box.

Inside, I found a few interesting things that I decided to take home.   


I checked the mummified bodies, but didn't find anything of special interest on them.

I decided to leave them alone, to continue guarding this huge box.