I slept until 11 am when Laurenna finally pulled me out of the bed dropping me to the floor.

"Are you going to sleep all day?" she laughed, "The day is half over already. Besides, I'm sure you have some task to perform."

I looked back at her, then smiled. She had been so patient with me all these days, I couldn't hold a grudge for her waking me up this way.

"No tasks but one." I said. "Gather your things. We are heading back to Solstheim Castle. I have a number of potions that I need to make, replacing ones that I have used up. From there, we will head down to Lokken and see your mother."

Well, that certainly put a smile on her face.

We headed up to Dagon Fel, and from there straight to the castle.   


It was 11 am when Laurenna woke me out of bed, so naturally, our trip here finished off very late in the evening.

And yes, it was just as cold now as it was the last time I arrived here by boat. Laurenna didn't seem to mind, through, being a Nord.

We gathered our things off the boat and headed to the castle gates.  


I made sure that Laurenna was settled in her room, started a nice pot of tea for her, then headed to the Master's Chambers.  


In the Master's Chambers, Gillian was dancing away. She always dances there.

I changed into a much better robe, made sure I had plenty of gold with me, then used the Balmora house teleport ring to head back there, and the source of the alchemy ingredients I would need.

While I could teleport there and back to the castle, Laurenna was not able to do this, hence the need for her to travel here by ship.

The shop was still open, and I made my purchases of ingredients necessary to make my restore-magic potions. 


Once I returned to the castle, I stopped by the greenhouse and checked around for any other ingredients I may need. I figured that with all the magic that was going to be thrown around, I had better stock up on these potions now.  


Once all that was done, I decided to retire for the night. There would be much work to do in the morning.  


Next morning, Laurenna and I had a good breakfast. She then retired to her room to practice playing the harp, and I headed off to the lab. There was much work to do, and I wanted to finish in time to take Laurenna out to dinner.  


I used several potions to increase my luck and intelligence, then set about cooking all these ingredients together.


I was very glad that the equipment here was of the excellent quality, as all the potions came out successfully, and of very high caliber.

Satisfied with the results, I cleaned things up, and gave the left-overs to my assistant, who put them away for me.


I returned to my room, and noticed Gillian wasn't there.

I decided to check the kitchen, but no Gillian was found.

I thought I should check the servant's quarters.

Still no Gillian, but in one of the rooms, I did find a love-note on someone's bed. I decided to ask around about it.


The lady of the kitchen wasn't sure who wrote the note, but said to ask around, and someone might recognize it.


I finally got to the trainer, Einar Wolf-Heart.

"Oh dear," he stammered, "you must have found the poem I wrote. Please, allow me to explain myself."

Naturally, my curiosity got the better of me, so I asked him to continue.   


"On my honor, I cannot deny that it was my hand that wrote these words. I have fallen in love with the Master's private dancer, Gillian. Ours is a forbidden love, as she had sworn an oath to the Master to love no one but him until her dying day. Please, I beg of you to speak with her!"   


I returned to the Master's Chambers and found Gillian there, once again, dancing away.

I showed her the note, and there was a look of terror on her face.  


"Oh dear!" she exclaimed, "You've found the note? Oh, please, hear my tale before making your decision."

"Certainly," I replied, "I'm all ears."

"I know that what I have done is enough to have me put to death, but I wouldn't take it back for a second. I love Einar with all of my heart, and wish to marry him. You are the ruler of this castle now, Eldorf Dragonmeal, and only you can decide my fate. What shell become of me for my misconduct?"

Well, of course, that oath was to the previous owner of the castle, not to me. I felt there was no longer any need to keep these two lovebirds apart.

"I am releasing you from your oath and servitude and I give me blessing to your marriage." I said, giving her a hug. The look of joy on her face was beyond description.

"Oh, thank you!" she said, relieved. "I will gather my things at once and go to my love! May the gods bless you for all eternity!"

Another good deed for the day. I am such a nice guy. . .modest, too.   


Satisfied with a good day's work, I had the servants draw a bath for me.

Nice, steamy hot water, scented candles, a bottle of wine, makes for a nice, relaxing hour out of my day.