We left the Wise Woman's yurt, and headed across the campsite to Sul-Matuul's tent.

I wasn't sure why she wasn't able to tell me about the Cavern of the Incarnate, but I was sure that Sul-Matuul would be able to help continue this adventure for me.  


Once in the Ashkahn's tent, we told him what the Wise Woman had said. He smiled one of those smiles that tells you something is going to come with a string attached to it. This was no exception.

"You have entered the path of the Nerevarine." he said. "This is a hard thing to believe. But Nibani Macsa has spoken to me at length of this, and I have had time to consider. Therefore, I shall keep my own counsel, and set before you my own test."

See? I knew there would be a string attached!

"I do not dispute with the wise women, but their ways are not the ways of the warrior. Many before have tried the path of the Nerevarine, but all have failed the warrior's test. You must have strength, courage, and cunning. These things I would test."   


He shuffled around a few pieces of paper on a table, finding one with a small map scribbled on it. He looked it over, nodded to himself, then turned back to me. "Nearby lies Kogoruhn, the ancient halls of the forgotten house, House Dagoth. In recent time, creatures of the blight have come to dwell there. I myself went there, with some brave hunters, and came back again, but it was a bad place, and I am not ashamed to say I was afraid, for myself, and my men. If you would have from the the secret of the Third Trial, the 'caverns dark' where Azura's eye sees, you will first bring to me three tokens from dark Kogoruhn."

I glanced at Laurenna, and she gave me a nervous look in return. I looked back at Sul-Matuul, took a deep breath, and decided to press on with this task. "What would these tokens be that you have need of?" I asked.

"The first token is corprus weepings from a corpus beast, to show that you are proof against the disease's corruption."

"The second token is a cup with the mark of House Dagoth, for I have myself seen such cups there, and I will know you have seen with your eyes what I have seen with mine."

"The third token is the Shadow Shield, which lies on the tomb of Dagoth Morin, in the lava tunnels deep beneath ruined Kogoruhn. Bring these things to me, and I will then tell you the secret of the third test."

I asked him for directions, and he showed me the map he had brought over from the table. Based on his map, it was in a direct line southeast of the camp, with the Dunmer stronghold of Falasmaryon directly in my path. Since I knew the way there, it would be an easy trip a little further southeast to this nasty-sounding place.

As we turned to go, he added one more statement: "You, Eldorf, must be the one go make this journey alone. Your wife may stay here as our guest, and will be well-cared for. This is a task that is for just one to complete."

I looked at Laurenna. She understood. This was a test of an individual, a rite of passage.

"I expect you back before dinner." she said.

"I'll try not to disappoint you, then." I said. "Just don't wait up - this may take a while."  


With spells in mind, enchanted rings and things in my pocket, I left the camp, and headed southeast.

The only good thing about this trip was that there was no ashstorm in progress. At least I won't be getting sand in my beard. Last time I had been there, it took me nearly a week to get rid of it.  


It wasn't long before I reached the ancient Dunmer stronghold of Falasmaryon. I knew it wasn't too much further to my destination.   


Just a short walk later, I arrived at Kogoruhn. It looked just like any other Dunmer stronghold, but based on what I had been told, this would be very, very different.

Once I was close enough, a dreamer came out of no where trying to attack me with a wooden club. A quick shot of Medusa's Gaze, froze him, followed by a burst of God's Fire fixed his little red wagon.    


I did a quick survey of the grounds and nearly stumbled over the body of an Ordinator, recently killed.

He had several items of interest, including a full set of Indoral armor, but my interest was to travel as light as possible here. Besides, with my Ring of Weapons in my pocket, I'd have all the armor, sword, and shield I would ever need.   


I checked the area quietly. If an Ordinator, the top-of-the-line warriors of the Temple could be done in, I had better be on my guard. Good thing I was, too, because outside the door of what is normally the propylon chamber, I saw a nasty thing.  


Hissing and screetching, an Ancestor Ghost was guarding the chamber door.

A quick blast of God's Fire put it's spirit to rest, once and for all.  


After checking to see that there were no more surprises waiting for me around a corner or behind a rock, I decided to check out one of the dome structures.

With the Belt of Night-eye on, and Medusa's Gaze spell at the ready, I quickly burst through the door.  


"Welcome." It was a voice from the distant end of the room, and not too friendly-sounding, either. "I see you have come here to die."   


One of the many Dagoth whats-his-names, staring me right in the face with his nose hanging out.

"Come here to die?" I said, "I'm afraid I just don't like your attitude."  


As expected, he was about to shoot some sort of spell at me, and so he did.

His shot never made it. My spell of Medusa's Gaze met it half-way, and the two spells exploded in mid-air. He shot off another spell at me, but I side-step it, letting it miss me by inches. In the mean time, I let him have it with yet another Medusa spell, freezing him in place.

Once that was done, I shot off a God's Fire spell. I made sure it was good and hot, too.   


The burst of fire from my spell lit up the room like the morning sunshine.

The Dagoth guy fell dead. The only thing on his person was an amulet, and the only thing it did was cause a drop in personality.

Well, I was sure I could sell it to Creeper, since he'll buy anything.  


A quick search around the now deserted room turned up a few odds and ends, and one House Dagoth Cup.

Horray for me. I had found the first of the three tokens on my shopping list.

Now, all that remained was to delve into the depths of this evil place for the other two tokens and get home in time for dinner.

Well, that was the plan, anyway.