In yet another chamber, two possible doors to open.

Yes, I picked the one with the flame antroch behind it.  


Deciding to fight fire with fire, I pulled up a Wall-of-Fire spell, and let the two of them duke it out with each other.

Since the Wall of Fire lasts longer, the Flame Antroch fell dead.  Good - free fire salts for alchemy later on.


Yet another door, leading to what looked like a sewer system.

For a place that had no toilets, you had to wonder what they needed this for, but I digress.


More creatures defending their lair, terminated quickly with God's Fire or God's Frost (either one seemed to work well on these things).

I made my way around the center of the sewer, and noticed a huge hole chopped out of the wall.   


Some door in the rock?

On closer examination of the rubble, it appeared that the hole had been made from the other side - as if someone had tunneled into this place.

Spells at the ready, I decided to check it out.  


Yes, all the trappings of a Sixth House Base.

But where did they come from?

I decided that if I pressed on, I'd find out.


One cave after another, one set of twists and turns, followed by more turns and twists.

One creature after another.

I was beginning to wonder if I'd make it back in time for dinner.


I had encountered yet another snake-face Dagoth, and tried a Medusa spell on him. He surprised me by reflecting it back at me.

Lucky for me I had brought those cure paralyze potions with me.

With reflection on his side, I dare not use spells. Using my Ring of Weapons, I brought forth a sheild and broadsword, and finished the creature off.

I was about to loot the body when I heard an evil laugh behind me.   


Well, at least he didn't have a snake on his face hanging out at me.

He didn't want to talk, either.   


We shot spell after spell at each other, blasting nothing but the air inbetween us each time.

Finally, I side-stepped one of his incoming fireballs, giving my own Medusa spell a chance to capture him as a work in still-life.  


With Dagoth Uthol firmly in position, I shot off a Lighting Storm spell, followed by God's Frost, then God's Fire.   


The combination of spells made for some pretty lighting effects, too.

When it was all over, I checked out the door he had been guarding.

It lead directly into the inside of the Ghostfence area. THAT was how these Sixth House people were getting out of their pen set up by the Tribunal. They simply tunneled under it, broke into Kogoruhn, and used it as a secret exit into the rest of Vvardenfell! 


Just nearby, another altar area, and another snake-nose Dagoth person. Using reflection, he nearly defeated me with my own spells.

I decided to pull out that Sixth House bell hammer I had found earlier, and rang his bell with it.

Worked pretty well, too.

I then noticed something round and shiny on a stone nearby.


Yes!!! It was the very sheild that I needed.

I now had two of the three tokens required for this quest.

I checked around the altar area, but no corprus weepings were to be found.

A bit upset, but not too much, I headed back up to the upper levels. Perhaps I may have missed a room, or forgotten to look in some container.


I spent several hours checking and re-checking just about every single square-inch of the place, but no corprus weepings were found.

I was getting tired, angry, and upset.

I had come so far, and to be stopped by a little thing like this, was, well, just upsetting.

I finally went outside, and decided to head back to the original domes I had tried at the beginning of this little adventure. Perhaps it was something I missed.


Imagine my surprise when I found what I had been seaching for.

The corprus weepings were right there on the floor of the first dome I had gone into, carelessly tossed under an offering pyre.

Finally, all three tokens.


It was late, and I was tired, but happy.

With all three of the required tokens firmly tucked away, I decided to head back to the camp, and report my success.

I figured Laurenna would probably be mad at me for missing dinner, but sometimes these things just can't be helped.



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