Masser loomed overhead as I left Kogoruhn, his little brother, Secunda had not risen to join him yet.

I thought about staying the night here, but the aura of evil of this place, coupled with the fact that there was an open door to the Red Mountain area, made me have second thoughts about that idea.   


The trip back to the camp was not boring.

One creature after another, out hunting for their meal, thought that I would make an easy target.

I could see why I had been told to travel by day. Not that there would be fewer creatures - it was simply easier to see them coming at me in the light.


By the time I managed to reach the campsite, Masser's little brother, Secunda had finally rousted himself out of bed and joined his big brother in the sky.


Those members of the tribe watching for trouble sounded off that I had arrived, shaking my hand, almost in disbelief that I had survived this trial.

I headed directly for the Ashkhan's yurt to report my success.


Sul-Matuul was very happy to see me. Laurenna was happy, too, although she scolded me for missing out on a lovely dinner.

"Take off your cloak and robe." he said, "Sit and talk with me."

I did as he asked, shaking the sand and ash from my cloak.

"If you have brought me the three tokens of the Warrior's Test, I can speak to you further of the Third Trial." he proclaimed.

Proudly, I showed him the items he so desperately needed to see, proving I was worthy of the knowledge he was about to provide.


"I am impressed." he said. "These three tokens you have brought me - you may keep them with my blessing. You have passed the Warrior's Test. And I will give you the secret of the Third Trial."

We sat next to the campfire, and he offered some tea to each of us. Then, like a story-teller of old fables, he began to let the secret unfold.

"In caverns dark, Azura's eye sees/and makes to shine the moon and star." He smiled, knowing this was a puzzle. "This is the Third Vision. And you must go to the Cavern of the Incarnate, a place sacret to Azura, and look for the moon and star. The secret of the Cavern of the Incarnate is set in a riddle:

The eye of the needle lies in the teeth of the wind
The mouth of the cave lies in the skin of the pearl
The dream is the door and the star is the key.

This riddle is Wisdom's Test. Take counsel of the wisdom of the tribes, and you shall find the way. Seek the Cavern of the Incarnate. Gain the moon and star, and bring it to Nibani Macsa. Take with you my blessing, and the blessing of our tribe, Malipu-Atama's Belt."

With that, he handed me a belt, which I fastened around my waist.   


With that, we said our good-nights, and headed back to our own tent for the night.

"How are we supposed to find this place?" Laurenna asked. "That cavern could be anywhere."

"Ah," I replied, "we need to consult with the tribe for the answer."    


Sure enough, on the way to our tent, I decided to check with one of the tribespeople.

"What could you tell me about something called the 'eye of the needle'". I asked.

"Ah, this token of our tribe, Malipu-Ataman's Belt, is proof of Sul-Matuul's blessing." he replied. "Let me think... Perhaps you mean the Needle? It is a tall rock column in the Valley of the Wind. I have slept beneath it once or twice. The Valley of the Wind is a valley on the northeast slopes of Red Mountain. The entrance to the valley is marked by Airan's Teeth, two tall rock spires."

"Where would I find this Valley of the Wind?" I asked.

"Oh, well, there are two valleys, side by side, on the northeast slopes of Red Mountain. The westmost valley is called Dry Camp Valley; the camps have no water, but they are sheltered from the wind. Dun-Ahhc Caverns are also there. The Valley of the Wind is the eastmost valley; it runs long and straight south between Airan's Teeth, and climbs toward Red Mountain. The mouths of these valleys are to the east along the coast. You would pass Bthuand, a Dwemer ruin, and just past Zergonipal, a Daedrick ruin, then turn south."

"What about Airan's Teeth?" I asked.

"Airan's Teeth are two stone spikes at the mouth of the Valley of the Wind. The Valley of the Wind runs south from the sea in the northeast of Vvardenfell, east of Dwemer Bthuand, east of Daedric Zergonipal."

He took a step towards me, taking me in confidence, giving advice to an old friend. "We stay away from the valley." he said. "The winds howl, and the spirits are always awake. Dareleth Ancestral Tomb is in this valley. It is foolish to disturb the spirits in their resting place."   


Information firmly tucked away in my head, we headed towards our own tent.

"See?" I said, "All we had to do was consult with the tribe. These people know the area. They have the answers."

Laurenna smiled. "I guess that's why they call you 'Eldorf the Wise', right?"

I gave her a wink, replying "Well, when you're a wizard, you have to know these things."

Tired, we both headed off into our tent, knowing that tomorrow would bring in a new chapter for this adventure.



















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