I figured the best place to find all the council members of House Hlaalu was at their head office in Balmora. Taking care to look inconspicuous, I made my way to the upper part of town and found their offices.


I was advised to speak to a "Curio" person in Vivic's Hlaalu canton, but that I would also be able to identify the council members via a book on the table nearby.

They are, Mistress Valanda Omani, Master Dram Bero, Crassius Curio, Master Yngling Half-Troll (that's his name, I'm not making this up!), and Mistress Nevena Ules.


One of the council members was supposed to be located near the town of Suran, East of Vivic, so I decided to heard over there first and work my way back to Vivic.    


The first council member I wanted to try was near Suran, Nevena Ules. After arriving in Suran, I checked around and found that she had a small plantation just west of the town. Since it was just a short walk across a small bridge, I decided to enjoy the pleasant weather.


As expected, I came upon her modest home almost immediately after crossing the river.

There were a number of gardens here and there, all being tended to by Kajiit and Argonian slaves.

In another time and place, I would have done what was necessary to free them, but I needed the support of Nevena Ules, and this would not be a good time to encourage her anger.


After introducing myself to her, I explained the reason for my visit, and that I needed to be named Hortator of her House. The response was less than expected for a council member.

"That's a very strange story, with all the stars and prophecies." she said. "I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Maybe you should speak with one of my advistors, Orvas Dren. He owns a plantation in the Ascadian Isles."


She gave me the directions to the Dren plantation and wished me a safe journey.

I knew the name of Dren. Ules had mentioned that it might sound familiar to me as his brother was the Duke of this area, based in Ebonhart. I had to obtain permission from him to build my Telvanni stronghold.

She did mention her brother was a mean one, not to be trifled with.

After a 30 minute walk, I came across the home of the Dren plantation.


After asking around, I was told Orvas Dren was upstairs working out in his armor.

"What do you want, outlander?" he scowled.

"I have come to discuss a matter of great importance with you," I said, "and in consideration for your valuable time, I believe this should compensate you for your trouble."

2,000 pieces of gold later, and the guy was my best friend.

"You are indeed generous," and quipped, "and your judgement is good."

I told him of my mission, of the evils of Dagoth Ur looming over Vvardenfell, and my need to become Hortator of this house.


"So you want to be Hortator of House Hlaalu," he said, "and you've come to me. You show unusual wisdom for an outlander. But what's the title of Hortator worth to you?" Why do you want to be Hortator?"

I told him that my mission was to defeat Dagoth Ur and protect Morrowind from the Empire. His response surprised me.

"I have long believed it was a mistake to turn from the old gods. Perhaps Azura is with you after all. And perhaps not." He looked me straight in the eye and continued "I will tell you that I've spoken with Dagoth Ur. he promised me the same thing - that he will drive the foreigners from our lands. But I am not one to ignore opportunity, nor am I one to be troubled by rubbing two sides of a coin. If you are a Breton of your word, I am your ally. I will tell Valanda Omani and Nevena Ules to support you as Hortator of House Hlaalu."     


A short walk back to the plantation of Nevena Ules confirmed that Dren's influence carried a lot of weight.

"Congratulations on your ... negotiations with Orvas Dren." she said. "What can I do for one as influential as yourself?"

I asked her about the position of Hortator. This time, her response was much more positive.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Dragonmeal. The Hortator thing, right?" She sounded nervous. "They said if I knew what was good for me, I would do as you asked. So you want to be Hortator? I make you a Hortator. I vote for you. That's all I have to do right? Once all the councilors agree, make sure you see Crassius Curio. He lives in the Hlaalu canton in Vivic, you know."

I thanked her for her support, and took my leave.  Dren really scared the crap out of her over this whole thing.


I made my way to the next council member not staying in Vivic, Velanda Omani. I was told her plantation was east of Vivic, on one of the smaller islands.


I found her plantation without too much trouble. Apparently Dren's people had gotten here ahead of me, and she also implied that she'd vote for me as Hortator, indicating that there was an "or else" for not doing so.

Now, it was off to Vivic and check with the rest of the council members.













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