The following morning, I decided to get up early and begin canvassing the Telvanni council members for the position of Hortator of that house.

Laurenna wanted to tag along, but since the Telvanni are scattered all along the eastern side of the island, I'd be changing into a cliffracer, doing a lot of flying. I figured she'd have a hard time keeping up.


My first stop would be in Sadrith Mora, the location of the council chambers of House Telvanni. I walked to the Mages Guild offices in Balmora and teleported to their offices in Wolverine Hall. Once there, I made the short walk towards the council chambers. However, once there, I changed my mind, and decided to head to the huge mushroom in the heart of the city, the home of Master Neloth.

The Telvanni are known for being more involved in the research of magic and it's effects, and care little for the politics of the area. However, I figured this would be significant enough to warrant their direction attention.

I found Neloth in his upper chamber, levitating to the top of his home through a small tube in it's center.

Since I was Archmagister of House Telvanni, he was much more cordial with my arrival than he would have been with an ordinary visitor.

I explained the reason for my visit, letting him know that House Redoran and House Hlaalu had already made their decision, showed him the Moon-and-Star ring.

"Fine. Whatever." he said. "I don't mean to be rude, Archmagister, but shouldn't you be talking to young Aryon?  This whole Hortator business sounds like something he'd be interested in. I want no part of it. Now, if you'll excuse me...."

Well, so much for that. However, he did tell me who I should be chatting with concerning this issue. I had to chuckle - "Young Aryon" - none of these mages were 'young' as far as I could tell.


A short boat ride later found me in the northern area, and the town of Vos. A 2 minute walk to the west found me in Tel Vos, home of Master Aryon, and his combination fort-mushroom.

A quick levitation spell lifted me up to the entrance to the chamber door.


Aryon was very pleased to see me.

Offering me a cup of hot tea he had just had brought to him, he asked me to tell him the reason for my visit.

I told him of the decision of the other two houses, and showed him the Moon-and-Star ring.

"A thing of legend." he stated, "Such a thing has never been seen in my lifetime, nor of the lifetime of any of the members of House Telvanni."

I asked him about the position of Hortator, and who I should speak to first about it.

Aryon raised his hand to stop me, and walked down to a small cabinet on the level below us. After hearing him rustle through the clothing there, he returned with a robe.


"As Archmagister of House Telvanni, you are uniquely qualified to bear the title of Hortator." he stated, handing me the robe. "There's no need to speak with the other Councilors. I must also give you the Robe of the Hortator. It is an ancient artifact, not used in centuries. I hope you are pleased with it, Archmagister Eldorf Dragonmeal."

The robe would fortify my magicka. Of course I was pleased with it.

"I shall do my utmost to prove worthy of this artifact." I replied.


Using my house ring, I teleported back to Balmora and told Laurenna the good news.

"You mean you didn't have to convince any of the other councilors about this?" she asked.

"Apparently not." I replied. "As head of their house, each one of them would have said 'yes' anyway."

"What's next?" she asked.

"We need to speak with the wisewoman again." I said. I have completed the 4th trial. She said to speak with here again once that was finished. She will then give guidance concerning the 5th trial."


We decided to change into something more suitable for the area we would be traveling in. I teleported to Solstheim castle and brought back some of the glass armor and shield I had built for me in Mournhold. It was lighter than her own armor.

She did ask if she could use the cloak this time, since getting the ash out of her hair was annoying. Being the gentleman that I was, naturally, I agreed.


We used the Mages Guild teleport to head back to Ald'ruhn to pick up my quiver of arrows, then headed to the stilt strider platform.


We took the stilt strider to Maar Gan, where we re-filled our waterskins. It was late afternoon, and the sun was beginning to set in the west.

Laurenna was a bit concerned.  "Shouldn't we stay here for the night and start off in the morning?" she asked.

"No," I replied, "If we keep up a good pace, we should make it there by nightfall."

I didn't want her to worry about the warning leaflet about me. One of the guards might have decided to be a hero.


I was also worried about what all this was leading to. These prophecies were all coming together; I had united 3 great houses, which hadn't been done in thousands of years. I had a ring that could only be worn by one person in all those thousands of years, four tribes would have to agree to give me a title I had little chance of receiving, the temple was after me, my cover of working for the Emperor was blown, and the Archcannon of the temple wanted to arrange a meeting with me about heresy.

Laurenna seemed to sense the weight upon my shoulders, and gave me a hug.

"It's you and me against the world." she said. "Don't worry. I've got your back."

All I could do was smile.

















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