It was the last rays of sunlight that gave us the view of the Urshilaku campsite. 


Our arrival was greeted with shouts of joy.

"Welcome back, Clanfriend." said one of the tribesmen. "What brings you here so late in the day?"

"I must see the wisewoman." I replied. "Is Nibani Maesa in her yurt?"

"She is." he replied, "However, she performed a healing ritual today, and is resting. Why don't you and your lovely wife set up your tent over there and rest? Nibani will see you in the morning."


The other tribespeople helped us put up our tent, and in just a few minutes, it was finished.

Laurenna and I decided to turn in early. It had been a very long day for each of us.


The next morning, dawn found us in the yurt of the Wise Woman.

"You are Hortator of all three Great Houses, Redoran, Hlaalu, and Telvanni. You have fulfilled the Fourth Trial of the Seven Visions."

"Yes." I said, "Now, what of the Fifth Trial?"

"The Fifth Trial is: 'A stranger's hand unites the Velothi / Four Tribes call him Nerevarine.'"


"The Four Tribes it mentions are the four tribes of Vvardenfell." she said. "They are the Urshilaku, Ahemmusa, Zainab, and the Erabenimsun. When you have been named 'Nerevarine' by each of the four Ashlander tribes of Vvardenfell, come to be for further guidance, for you will have passed the Fifth Trial."


I decided that before leaving, I should check with the tribe's ashkhan for guidance regarding the other tribes, and receive his designation of Nerevarine.

"Very well." said Sul-Matuul, "You wish to be called 'Nerevarine'. I know you, and am disposed to do so, but first, we must speak of need and duty. Before I name you 'Nerevarine', you must understand why a war leader is needed, so you may tell others. And before I name you 'Nerevarine' I must see that you know your duty. Only when we have spoken of these things shall you be called Nerevarine."

"I understand." I said. "Please speak of these things."

He explained first that the need and proof of the Nerevarine is the curse of Dagoth Ur, and the Sixth House, because I have suffered corprus, and because I have harrowed Kogoruhn, I can tell others and my story shall serve as proof of the need for the Nerevarine.

"You shall be Nerevarine of all the tribes and Hortator of all the great houses." he continued, talking about the duty side of the title. "You shall eat the sin of the unmourned house, and free the false gods. You must defeat the Sixth House, and Dagoth Ur. You must free the Tribunal from their curse. This is the burden of prophecy. This shall be your duty as Urshilaku Nerevarine."

"And the false gods of the Tribunal?" I asked.

"You have learned the lies of the Tribunal," and replied, "and the false hope they offer of protection from Dagoth Ur. We have heard the priest's own words of the Apographa, and we know them to be true. We have heard the words of the Dissident Priests, and we know them to be true as well. The False Gods have broken their promises, and have taken up the tools of the Enemy. This is a great evil, and a great danger."

He was right, of course. The Tribunal drew their power from the same source as Dagoth Ur. False gods, indeed.

Sul-Matuul continued, "You wear the Moon-and-Star of Nerevar. The legend of this ring is known to all loremasters. No man but Nerevar may wear that ring and live. This is a true sign. This is a miracle, a blessing of Azura, and no man may deny it."

"Sul-Matuul," I said, "I understand and agree with what you say."

"Then listen to this, Eldorf the Wise." he replied. "Before my hearth and kin, and before the People of the Wastes, I name you Urshilaku Nerevarine, War Leader of the Urshilaku, and Protector of the People. In token of this, I give you the Teeth, which shall be a sign to all Dunmer, that you are the Nerevarine, and that the Urshilaku shall follow you, in all things, even until death, until the Enemy is defeated, or until you are dead, or until you give this back into my hand."


I received directions to the other camp sites from Sul-Matuul, along with a few suggestions on how to deal with each one.

Since the other three tribes were on the eastern side of Vvardenfell, from the north to the south, I decided we should head east to the Ahemmusa camp first, and work our way south from there. Since this Archcannon was so hot to chat with me, I figured we'd just work our way south, then head to Vivic once the fourth tribe gave me the title of Nerevarine.

Provided, of course, nothing went wrong.



It took us the better part of the day to cross the northern edge of the Ashlands, but after passing the last range of mountains, we came upon the edge of the Grazelands.


The one nice thing about this entire journey was the fact that not once during this day was there an ash-storm.

The weather, once we arrived in the Grazelands, was even nicer, though I could see there was a cloudy build-up of rainclouds in the distance.


As expected, the rains came down just as we arrived at the edge of the Ahemmusa camp-site.


Upon our arrival, we spoke to one of the people there about the Nerevarine prophecies.

"We know of these prophecies." he replied. "We have also heard that an outlander comes to fulfill these prophecies. Perhaps you are that outlander. Perhaps not."

"Is there someone in charge I should speak to about this matter?" I asked.

"Do you come to claim the name of Nerevarine?" he replied. "The you want to speak to the wise woman, Sinnammu Mirpal. But first, you must show respect, and speak to one of our gulakhans. You will find them in their yurts. They will speak with you."


In checking the camp, we confirmed they had no ashkhan. Apparently he had died a short time ago. In one of the main tents, we found Kausi, one of the people we had been told to speak with.

"You claim to be the Nerevarine?" he asked. "Then find a safe place for the Ahemmusa. That should be proof enough for me."

"Could you elaborate this request for me?" I asked.

"You claim the name of Nerevarine?" he replied. "I hope you come to do the deeds of the Nerevarine. We need the deeds, not the name. You must speak to the wise woman, Sinnammu Mirpal. We are a poor, sad tribe, without an ashkhan, and lead by a wise woman. And we are its gulakhans. We say this with shame, for we are as weak and helpless as children. Go to her, outlander, Tell her you will do the deeds of a hero, and save the Ahemmusa. Maybe then you will have earned the name 'Nerevarine'."      


"What was all that about?" asked Laurenna.

"I'm not sure." I replied. "It sounds as if they need some safe haven in times of danger."

We headed to the yurt of the wise woman, eager to get on with this quest.


Sinnammu Mirpal was a bit suspicious of my request to claim the title of Nerevarine. She did say there would be a price for the title, however. Her tribe needed a safe place to stay in times of danger. In ancient times, they would scurry off to the Ald Daedroth temple, north of here. However, since Dagoth Ur was causing so much trouble, Ordinators used to guard this temple had to abandon it. Worshippers of evil things had come back to this haven.

My task would be simple: I would go alone and make it safe for their tribe to use once again. She would then accompany me to inspect it. It would be necessary for her to arrive safe and unharmed in order for me to be named Ahemmusa Nerevarine.   


"I have been in such temples in the past." I told her. "I shall do this task for you and your people. When I am done, I will return for you."

"Very well, then." she replied. "I will wait here for you. When you are ready, come to me, and I will accompany you to Ald Daedroth to see if it is safe."


Laurenna protested, wanting to come along, but a glare from the wise woman shut down that argument quickly.

"This is a job to prove one person's claim." I said. "It will only be a valid claim if the person making it actually completes the task alone."

"Be careful." she said. "I want you home in time for breakfast."

"Yes, ma'am." I said, winking to the wise woman.

"Your wife may stay here as my personal guest." she said. I will see to it she is given food and shelter while you perform your task."

I thanked her for her kindness.

With a kiss and a hug, I turned to head out of the yurt, and head off to Ald Daedroth.





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