I headed out of the wisewoman's yurt and headed north over a small hill. There, the sea stood between myself and my destination.


Walking would take too long (as would swimming, being mindful of all those slaughterfish in the ocean). I decided to take my chances in the air, and changed into the form of a cliffracer. Using this method of travel, Ald Daedroth loomed before me in just minutes.


Changing back into my handsome self, I entered the shrine, and realized that I had been here before on an earlier quest. Lots of creatures had met their demise here by my hand already, but I figured I'd better give it the once-over, just to make sure everything was ok.


I looked around the temple, not finding anything unusual. That is, until I picked up one of the jewels from an altar. It had been cursed! A demora appeared before me, armed with an enchanted fire-sword.


It took a lot of chopping on my part, and I had to endure a lot of damage to my own health by the fire damage it was causing (yes, it hurt!), but I finally managed to defeat the creature. It was a good think I checked - had any of the tribe members touched that cursed ruby, they wouldn't have been so lucky.

I checked all the other altars, and found a few more cursed rubies and emeralds here and there. Lucky for me, I was expecting an attack now, and had summoned a Daedric battle axe ahead of time.    


Once the place was completely cleaned out, I changed back into a cliffracer and headed back to the Ahemmusa Camp. Only one cliffracer tried to attack me in the air. He didn't survive.


Once back at the camp, I changed back into my very handsome self and headed back to the yurt of the wise woman.


Both Laurenna and Sinnammu Mirpal were very happy to see me.

"I see you have returned." said the wise woman. "If you can guide me safely to see the great statue of Sheogorath in the inner shrine, then the place will be declared safe for the Ahemmusa people. If we are successful, I will name you Ahemmusa Nerevarine."


She didn't know a levitation spell, but did know the water-walking one. It would take longer to get there, but what can you do?


After about knocking down about 6 cliffracers, we finally arrived, drenching wet from the rain, at the door to the shrine.


After inspecting nearly every nook and cranny in the place, we finally arrived at the big statue she wanted to see.

Sheogorath, the god of madness. It is said that if you ask a favor of him, he will have you do some crazy task first, such as killing a bull netch with nothing more than a simple fork.

God of Madness, indeed. 


Sinnammu Mirpal was obviously very pleased. "I said I would accompany you, to see if you had made Ald Daedroth safe for the Ahemmusa." she said. "You have fulfilled my conditions. Thank you. The Ahemmusa shall be saved. Now, if you wish, I shall name you Nerevarine of the Ahemmusa."    


"You have made this place safe for the Ahemmusa. And so, I name you Ahemmusa Nerevarine, War Leader of the Ahemmusa, and Protector of the People. I also give you the Madstone of the Ahemmusa, which shall be a sign to all Dunmer, that you are the Nerevarine, and that the Ahemmusa shall follow you, in all things, even unto death, until the Enemy is defeated, or until you are dead. Now, I can stay only briefly. Soon I must return to our camp and make preparations to relate here."


I turned to Laurenna. "Well, our work here is done." I said.

"I can't believe you cleared this place out all by your little old self." she replied with a smile.

"Oh, I can be quite the surprising one." I replied with a wink.


We decided to run back over the water, dodging one cliffracer after another.


Once back at the Ahemmusa camp, we noticed a young boy packing some items for trade into an old pack-guar. We decided to ask him if he knew directions to the Zainab camp. "Oh, sure," he replied, "I've been there before. Just go directly south from here. You'll pass an old Dwemer ruin on your right, and they're just after a small east/west pathway. Keep the mountains just to your right and you will find them easily."


We thanked him for his help and headed south to the next camp. Laurenna lamented about the rain, but was happy that I had let her use the hooded robe this time, keeping her hair nice and dry.

I was feeling good right about now. I had two camps name me Nerevarine, and had only two more to go. Little did I know that this next camp would present a most unusual challenge with a most unusual quest.



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